How To Make Your Guests Super Comfortable This Christmas

  Now December is upon us, it’s finally okay to begin talking about the excitement and magic of Christmas and also begin planning every little…



Now December is upon us, it’s finally okay to begin talking about the excitement and magic of Christmas and also begin planning every little detail to make it the best one yet. If you haven’t already got your Christmas decorations up, the day is not too far away and you should begin decorating ready for the big day! Especially if you’ve got guests coming to stay this year, you will want to make your home as comfortable as possible for their stay, and here’s some ways in which you can easily achieve that!

Buy personalised gifts

A great way of making the whole gift giving process more special is to buy personalised gifts. There are so many different gift ideas that you can choose from where you can have a special message engraved, or even their name printed onto something. Try to think about each person’s personal hobbies and interests so that you can cater their gift to them as much as possible!

Another great way to make things more personalised and make your guests feel more welcome is to make some quirky details for the dinner table like placemats with their names on it, or Christmas hats that relate back to them in some way. There are so many different ways of making Christmas more personal, so get creative!

Kit out the guest room

Not many people enjoy spending the night away from the comfort of their own home for many reasons such as not knowing your surroundings and also feeling the need to be quiet for other house members. Be sure to kit out the guest room as best you can to make them feel as at home as possible. If the mattress is a little old, why not get a super cheap and quick delivery mattress from to add even more comfort to their stay? Other quaint touches to add include things like:

  • Dressing gowns and slippers to relax in.
  • Scented candles
  • TV
  • Access to snacks and drinks

The more effort that you put in, the more comfortable your guests will feel which of course will lead to a much nicer Christmas for everyone involved!

Get the fire on

One of the best parts about this time of year is the fact that you get to turn the heating up and cosy up in front of the fire as a family. Why not rent some movies for the festive period, grab some snack and cosy up with your guests in front of the fire?


Be sure to keep up any family traditions that have been upheld during the years. Another idea would be to create one with your guests so that in years to come you can continue doing this to get yourself in the festive mood even more.

Try these four ideas this year to make your guests feel more comfortable and most importantly, enjoy being around your loved ones at this magical time of year.

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