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How to improve your Twitter engagement

How to improve your Twitter engagement

It’s all well and good working to increase your Twitter following, but the thing you should be valuing over anything else is Twitter engagement. Not only is it more attractive to brands and others that might want to work with you, but seeing engagement on your tweets makes social media a lot more fun.

Here are some tips to help you increase your Twitter engagement.

How to improve your Twitter engagement

Don’t just use titles.

It’s so easy to just schedule blog post tweets and just use your post titles. Try to mix things up a bit by using interesting quotes from the posts to grab the attention of your followers.

As for retweets.

Asking someone to retweet something actually works. It increases the chance of someone retweeting by up to 23%

Respond to tweets ASAP

Keep the conversation going and keep your tweets alive by responding as soon as possible. The more responses you get, the more likely you are to show in peoples feeds.

Keep it short.

Shorter tweets with around 110 characters get 17% higher engagement. So it might be tempting to try and use all those characters, but shorter can sometimes be better.

Use interesting images.

We all love a good image, so keep your feed exciting and make sure you stand out with something your followers can’t resist engaging with.

Pick the right time.

Find out what time your followers are most active. In general, tweets during 7-8pm and on the weekend get the most engagement, so try it out and see how it works for you.

Use hashtags.

Use hashtags to double the amount of engagement and get your tweets seen by the people you want to reach.

Use retweet accounts.

There are loads of accounts that will retweet you if you tag them in your tweet. Find the best ones for your blog niche and use them.

Respond to 5 tweets.

At least once a day, go onto to Twitter and respond to 5 tweets in your feed. This gets you talking on Twitter, gets you into more peoples feeds and makes you most likely to show up in the ‘why you were away’ section of Twitter.

Hope these tips help – do you have any tips for increasing Twitter engagement?

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