Chuck Palahniuk // Lullaby

Chuck Palahniuk // Lullaby

I’ve been a tad obsessed with┬áChuck Palahniuk ever since I read Invisable Monsters a few years ago. That’s a book I recommend if you like a book full of screwed up emotional rollercoasters.

That’s basically what all books I’ve read by Chuck are like. Lullaby is no different.

When reporter Carl Streator has been assigned to investigate and write about a series of cases of cot death, he discovers that the children all seem to have died after being read page 27 of a nursey rhyme book. This culling song will kill anyone who has it read to them. The story follows him on a hunt to find and destroy every copy of the culling song with 3 others, who are also looking for a grimoire – a powerful spell book, with hopes it contains something that will help bring the dead back to life.

With the culling song in Carls memory, he now has the power to kill anyone.

It’s a book that can be a bit distressing in parts if you have sadly had to go through the loss of a child, but it’s extremely interesting learning about the characters and seeing their relationships develop and unfold.

With all of Chuck’s books, he has a very unique, powerful and clever way of writing which makes it a pleasure to read.

Chuck Palahniuk // Lullaby

Chuck Palahniuk // Lullaby

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