Why More Women Are Carving Out a Career in Marketing

Why More Women Are Carving Out a Career in Marketing

Marketing used to be one of those industries that were heavily dominated by men. A boy’s club, if you will. While it would be nice in 2017 to say that these industries no longer existed, that every field was equal and men and women worked side by side happily, and equally, unfortunately in many industries, it’s not the case. Marketing, I’m pleased to say isn’t one of them. More women than ever are starting careers in marketing. Going on to work for successful firms or even start their own marketing businesses. Let’s take a look at the reasons for this turnaround.

Why More Women Are Carving Out a Career in Marketing

Logic and Creativity

Women and men tend to think a little differently. Certainly not all of them, but in many cases, men think in quite a linear fashion. They look at marketing in terms of facts and figures. They want to see all of the numbers and statistics and base their campaigns around these.

Women can naturally be both more logical and more creative. They look at goals and relationships and try to find creative ways to get there while making logical decisions.


One reason many industries remain male dominant is that the hours often don’t lend themselves to raising a family and unfortunately many industries still don’t offer women flexible working conditions. Marketing is an excellent choice for women who have had or want to have children in the future.

So much marketing is now done online, with digital marketing really taking off in the last few years. This allows people to work more flexibly and even from home a lot of the time. Women working in marketing could travel to the office for meetings, then spend a large portion of their time working online from home, around their family’s needs.

Distance Learning

The rise in online study has also helped women in marketing. Distance learning means that women working in less flexible industries are free to make changes without having to commit to going back to school. Studying a distance learning masters in marketing allows women to start a career in marketing at any time.

Female Representation

Women shop more. This may be another generalisation, but it’s backed up by statistics. Women often shop for themselves a lot more than men, but, that in itself doesn’t account for the difference. Women are also normally primary caregivers and responsible for looking after the home. Even those that work. This means they buy more for their children, parents and husbands as well as buying more household goods. Men may contribute to these purchases financially, but women often make the decision.

So, it’s only sensible that women take up positions in advertising and marketing. They may have a greater understanding of what consumers are looking for and how to sell a product.


Marketing is all about communication. From communicating with a client and understanding their views, to passing information onto a team and then finally communicating with an audience. Gone are the days where smarmy salesmen ruled the roost. Now, people want valuable communication. Women are great at this.  😉


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