Winter Is Coming: The Perfect Time To Get Cosy

Winter Is Coming: The Perfect Time To Get Cosy

Cold weather and dark nights are actually the perfect conditions to create a cosy and warm, Pinterest-worthy space in your home. All you can do is embrace the longer nights, and enjoy all the T.V and Christmas movies that are popping up at this time of year (in between heading out regularly to enjoy party season). There’s plenty of delicious, warming food to enjoy, hot baths, and soft pyjamas ahead, so it’s time to embrace autumn and winter and start enjoying every second.

Creating a cosy haven in your home is the best way to get you through a cold and sometimes wet and windy commute in the evening, and you’ll be able to snuggle up as soon as you get in your apartment or house. Little things and small changes to your environment can make a major difference to your wellbeing and mood, so they are well worth your time and effort. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who have been dreading the weather conditions but are willing to create the cosiest space possible regarding their living environment so they can enjoy the weeks and months ahead.

Winter Is Coming: The Perfect Time To Get Cosy

Add Warmth

Whether you use radiators with gas or electricity or have a traditional fireplace; now is the time to ensure that you’re all set for the incoming weather. You can stock up for your wood burner from places like Certainly Wood so that you always have the means to enjoy the flicker of firelight and the heat it adds to a room. It’s also worth getting your boiler serviced to ensure that it’s fit and healthy enough for the rest of the year and next year; you don’t want to run the risk of no hot water at 7 am on a Monday morning in January (brrr).  Time your heating to come on before you get out of bed and just before you’re due to arrive home; this is both economical and a great way to ensure you’re not suffering in a cold house.

Add Light

Warm bulbs in your floor and table lamps are an excellent way to light up a space and ensure that it doesn’t feel cold or stark. Candles can also be an affordable addition to your space and will provide toasty flickers and festive scents that allow you to enjoy everything from the smell of freshly baked gingerbread to spicy cinnamon and cloves. Think about your favourite winter aromas and add them to your home with candles to warm it up each evening.

Add Texture

Now is the time to pile your sofa high with cushions, throws, and blankets so that you can wrap up and watch movies as you sink into soft textures. Soft furnishings and textiles are the perfect way to warm up a space, and they can be stored away when the weather changes again next year. You can add an array of colours and prints through your fabric choices which can also add warmth to your lounge or bedroom. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get cosy!

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