Stress Busters That Can Actually Improve The Way You Look

Stress Busters That Can Actually Improve The Way You Look

Stress not only affects us mentally, but it can also take a toll on our physical appearance too. This often creates more stress because of dull skin, wrinkles and sometimes even grey hair, so it can be a vicious cycle if it isn’t combatted quickly. Luckily there are some stress busters that you can do which will improve the way that you look, and the way that you feel too.

Stress Busters That Can Actually Improve The Way You Look

Eat stress away

This sounds like you’re now given the permission to stuff your face with your favourite junk food. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case and can, in fact, contribute to your stress levels. Whether it be the chemicals and man-made produce that affects the chemical balance in your brain, or whether your weight gain gives you more stress, eating junk food definitely isn’t going to help. Try to change your eating habits and add more nutritious foods into your diet and you will soon find that you’re more alert and feeling generally much happier. You might even lose a few pounds along the way! Check out this list of stress busting foods!


Everybody loves a good pamper because it gives us the chance to chill out after a long week and begin to feel more relaxed. Did you know that pampering is more than just de-stressing on the inside? Treating your body to a long soak in the bath accompanied with a good moisturiser and your skin will be glowing. Massage is another great way of helping de-stress along with improving the way you look. Once you feel less stressed your body language relaxes; therefore making your posture much better. If you can’t get out to a massage therapist, consider mobile massage so that you can enjoy the benefits from your own home.

Quit smoking

Smoking is possibly the worst habit that you can take up because of the life-threatening diseases that are associated with it. Not only that, it drains money out of your bank that you could be spending on much better things, you constantly smell of smoke, and it affects the way you look. Consider quitting smoking for your health and your appearance. You’ll notice your skin is brighter, your teeth aren’t as yellow, and also that you have much more money in the bank.


It’s true when you hear the phrase “the best medicine is laughter.” Smiling makes you feel happier, and also makes others around you enjoy your presence a lot more. Did you know that when you smile, it sends a positive feedback to the brain and makes you feel sensations of joy and happiness? Smiling also improves the way you look, even if you’re not someone that wears makeup, the best face you can wear is one with a smile. Try smiling a little more and notice how much less stressed you feel.

Try these four stress busters and notice how quickly your stress deteriorates from your life! If you are struggling with stress, always consult with your GP.


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