How To Start Recycling More At Home Today

How To Start Recycling More At Home Today

It’s nice to take care of your home and have somewhere you can be proud to live. Amongst all the nice interior design things you can do, you need to think a little outside the box too. Mainly, I’m talking about how to make your home as good as it possibly can be. What’s one way to do this? Recycle more!

By recycling, you turn your home into a green haven that’s doing its bit for the environment. You can live safe in the knowledge that you’re trying your best, and won’t feel guilty about damaging the atmosphere. Bearing that in mind, here are a few tips to help you start recycling more things today:

How To Start Recycling More At Home Today

Save Your Food Waste

I think most of us are guilty of throwing away too much food. If we’re not going to eat it, it’ll just get moldy, so we may as well bin it, right? Yes and no. Yes, you can bin it, but no you shouldn’t bin it in the conventional sense. Instead, get a food waste bin and put it all in there. From here, you have two options; let the recycling truck pick it up every week, or save it for yourself. Why would you save it? Well, as it states here; you can use food waste to create compost. This can be used to fertilise your garden and help you grow more plants. Such an easy way to ensure your food isn’t always wasted.

Sell Or Donate Old Items

If you have plans for clearing out your home, you’ll come across loads of unwanted and old items. A lot of us choose to throw these out, but I’m going to stop you right there! It’s mentioned on that you can help the environment by selling old things instead of throwing them away. Rather than immediately clearing out your rubbish, see if anyone wants what you’re chucking out. Or, go to a charity shop and donate it there. This helps you recycle more as you’re literally giving your rubbish away to be reused by other people. To make things even better, you could get some money as well!

Get Creative

If you can’t find any people that want your old items, don’t assume you have to throw them out completely. Instead, get a little creative, and you can recycle things in your home and use them in different ways. For example, use an old freezer as extra storage space out in the garage for different gardening tools or bits and bobs. Your old clothes could be stitched together and turned into a nice blanket for a future child. There are loads of ideas out there, you just have to be creative, and you can find new uses for old things.

With these tips, you’ll start recycling more today. Speaking about clearing out your house, I wrote a piece on decluttering here; Give it a read if you’re looking for some advice, particularly when it comes to deciding which clothes to throw out!

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  • Lucy

    I donate all my unwanted things. Especially now that I have a little one they go through clothes so quickly that to throw clothes out that have been hardly used us such a waste. Friends have been please when I’ve done a clear out Lucy x

  • Bethany Jane

    Almost all my furniture is second hand! I don’t see the point in people wasting big things like sofas and especially electrical items like TVs that are totally fine, but have just been upgraded. I also have got really into recycling since our ‘normal’ waste bins only get collected once every 4 weeks now – it’s a good incentive to do your bit!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  • Sherina

    Beautiful share, you are absolutely right, most of the time or most of us are guilty of throwing away too much food… you have given truly genuine solutions. Keep sharing amazing informative blogs…

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