Everything You Need to Host the Perfect Dinner Party

Everything You Need to Host the Perfect Dinner Party

As we get older spending time socialising with our friends becomes more difficult. Kids, work, and other responsibilities mean that getting time to yourself is rare. Then even when you do, to go out you have to find a babysitter and make arrangements. This can mean that friendships fade and you can become lonely.

It’s important that you do make time to see your friends and nurture your relationships. Spending time with friends and family can help to reduce your stress levels, help you to sleep better, and it can even improve your health.

Dinner parties give you an excellent way to spend time with your friends, laughing and chatting, in a relaxed atmosphere, without having to worry about leaving the children and finding childcare. Here’s a look at everything that you need to host the perfect dinner party.

Everything You Need to Host the Perfect Dinner Party


In some cases, there’s nothing better than a takeaway and a bottle of wine on the sofa. But, if you are throwing a classy dinner party, a large table and some contemporary dining chairs are a must. When it comes to buying a new table and chairs, think about how many people you are likely to seat at your largest party. It’s better to have to find space for extra chairs when they’re not in use than to not have enough when you need them.

Great Food

If there is one thing that a good dinner party absolutely needs, it’s great food. Spend some time practicing your signature dish and preparing a menu so that you know it’s just right.

If you’re not a fantastic cook, don’t worry. Even simple dishes can look amazing with the right presentation. Alternatively, you could have your party catered or try some ready prepared food, which can be very high quality. Of course, then you just need to decide whether or not to confess to your guests!


When it comes to entertainment, it’s entirely up to you. If your guests are close friends you feel very comfortable with, you’ll probably spend the evening chatting away and not need anything else. However, if you’re not as close and you’re worried about how the conversation will flow, entertainment can help. Consider playing some games to break the ice and get everyone laughing.

A Stress-Free Kitchen

One thing that can quickly ruin a dinner party is a stressed-out host that’s spending all of their time trying to keep things under control in the kitchen. Remember, at the end of the day, your guests are there to see you. So, prepare as much as you can beforehand, have some practise runs and keep your kitchen calm. If you need to spend a bit more time in the kitchen than you’d like, send out some nibbles to keep everyone going.

Table Arrangement

Your food should be the highlight of the table, but it can’t hurt to add some other decoration. Think simple centrepieces and candles that won’t be in the way when you bring out the food and wine.

Remember, it’s your party. Enjoy it!

Remember, it’s a party, it should be fun. No one will remember if a tiny detail is out of place or a potato is undercooked. They will remember laughing and having fun.

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