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Things to remember when starting your own blog

Blogging has become something of a trend in the past few years. Many more people are now choosing to write down their thoughts and fears…


Things to remember when starting your own blog

Blogging has become something of a trend in the past few years. Many more people are now choosing to write down their thoughts and fears for people to read and digest. The range of topics covered by blogs is astonishing, everything from Doctor Who to baking is now getting the blogging treatment. If you have an idea about a blog, what should you do to get your idea off the ground? Here are some tips for starting your blog and getting your thoughts out to the masses.

Things to remember when starting your own blog

Pick a Subject You Love

You might think that certain subjects are cool or popular and that you should start blogging about them. While this might get you noticed, you might start to lose some of the enthusiasm after a while. It is far better to choose a topic that you love and like to write about as it is potentially a blog that you will be writing for some time. Don’t worry if it’s a niche that you think might not be popular; there could be a whole lot of people waiting for a blog like yours.

Come Up with a Plan

Once you have decided on the topic you are going to write; you need to devise a plan so that you are clear what your goals are going to be. You need to think about how often you will post, although you might want to post every day, the reality is that you might not have time. You should aim for once or twice a week at least to start so that you can get into the habit. If you can then do more, it will be a bonus. You should also think about where you are going post your blog and what avenues you will use to promote it.

Creating Your Site

When it comes to creating your blog site, there are many platforms that offer paid or free web hosting. The free versions offer great templates that you can use to build your site, and they also have add-ons for picture galleries and even shops. Having a paid web hosting site means you can choose a unique web address, you may also get more web space and free anti-spam protection. The ways of creating the site are similar, so even if you are not design orientated, you can still come up with something amazing. If you are design-minded, then there are programs such as Dreamweaver, that will let you build your site from scratch.

Things to remember when starting your own blog

Creating Content

You have your website all set up, and you know what you are going to blog about, now you need to start creating content. Aside from writing blog posts, creating engaging and relevant content can come in many forms. Some bloggers like to post lots of pictures, which is especially true if they have a photography blog. However, others like to get creative in other ways such as making videos or podcasts. In fact, it doesn’t matter what type of content you create as long as you enjoy making it.

One example of creating content could be when reviewing a product or doing some DIY. If you are working on a project to create a swimming pool, then simply writing about it might not be the best way to get the story across. You might want to make a few videos about how you are going to create it and what products you will be using. If you are using Cascade Pool Coatings to finish the inside of the pool, then you will want to mention their product and how it works. Another good idea is to have regular ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos that you can upload during the stages of completion.

Publishing Your Work

When you have created this great content, you will need to share it with your followers. It is a good idea always to post blogs on the same day each week that way your followers will know when new content is coming out. As well as posting the blog on your site, you should also think about sharing it on other platforms. You can create social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and the many others out there, to gain more followers and share your content. As well as sharing posts, use social media to build up a relationship with your readers by posting photos of your day and funny things that have happened.

For your videos, you can think about posting them on sites like YouTube so that you can attract different followers from your readership. It may hopefully entice some of those new followers to read your blog as well.

Earning Money

Many bloggers will tell you that trying to make money from your blog takes a lot of hard work. Not only will you need to gain many followers, but you will also need to create a good standard of work that will encourage companies to ask you to review or try their products. It might take some time but, you will start to receive offers from companies tied into your niche, asking if you will review their product. In most cases, they will ask you to promote the product on your website and your social media accounts. When writing posts on such products, it is important that you tell your readers that this is a product you were given.

The other way you can start to earn money is by having advertising on your site. You will need a good number of hits to your site to make a good amount, but, it will be something that will work by itself without any input from you. There are many companies including Google and Amazon that you can approach to place their ads on your site.

With hard work and commitment, you can start a blog that will attach numerous readers and grow into something substantial. All you need is the idea and time to put it all into practice.


  1. These are all some really graet tips for any blogger out there – Wish I had them when I started out

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I definitely think it’s a good idea to blog about things you enjoy writing about – I would hate to write about things that didn’t really interest me and I wasn’t passionate about x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  3. I think the issue is now is people have the idea that if they start a blog everyone will read it straight away – and the realisation that it doesn’t work like that is offputting – I have seen quite a few people quit because they weren’t willing to put the effort in to begin with – I don’t think people realise how much work it is!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. This is a really great starter guide- it’s definitely important to pick a subject you love- so much of blogging is about engaging with your followers and other bloggers so if you’re not passionate about the topic you’re not going to have the motivation to build a following and post regularly. Social media is a great way to get your content out there too- guest posting can help too.

  5. Thai you for the tips! As someone new to the blogging world I love hearing advise on how to be successful at it.

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