Simple Tips for Building Muscle Mass

For anyone looking to work out and put on a little muscle, the end goal can appear very distant and unattainable when starting out. But…


Simple Tips for Building Muscle Mass

For anyone looking to work out and put on a little muscle, the end goal can appear very distant and unattainable when starting out. But the reality, in fact, is rarely so, and all that is required to get the body you’ve always dreamed of is a little know-how and some determination. To help you out a bit on your journey, then, this article will seek to provide the know-how, and all you’ll have to do is come up with the determination. So, read on to discover some simple ways to start building some muscle.

Simple Tips for Building Muscle Mass

Exercise- But Exercise Correctly

If building muscle is what you want to do, of course you’re going to need to exercise. But you’re also going to need to know which workouts are going to be effective in helping you to this, and which are going to prove to be a waste of time. Generally speaking, you’re going to want to engage in a routine which avoids cardio, like running or cycling, as this will burn calories across your entire body which could be put to better use building muscle in the ideal places. Aim for a short warm-up which involves cardio, but then quickly move on to weights. When lifting, make sure that the weights are heavy enough – you want to ensure that your last set is very difficult to complete and leaves your muscles burning by the end. Getting a friend involved as a training partner is good in this regard, as they can help you with your form once the weights do begin to become too heavy.

Utilise Supplements

Many people are making use of supplements these days to assist their muscle development and growth. While supplements can be beneficial, as the name suggests, they should always be used in collaboration with exercise and a proper diet. When considering supplements, there are many varieties on the market, and some are going to help you out more than others; therefore, look towards companies such as What Protein and see what they have to offer, such as protein powders and creatine supplements – either of which are reputable and relied heavily upon among the weight-lifting and muscle-building communities.

Eat Properly

A well thought out and considered diet is just as important for building muscle as any amount of exercise. You can lift all you want, but if you’re piling junk food into yourself constantly during your downtime, you’re not going to get anywhere. Your body requires a diet high in protein to really bulk up, so you’re going to need to increase the number of calories which you take in on a daily basis – while also ensuring, wherever possible, that these calories aren’t empty, too. This will require a good amount of planning and research into what foodstuffs will get you the most bang for your buck. A good piece of steak or chicken will ensure you’re getting a good amount of protein, while sweet potatoes can provide a source of beneficial carbohydrates. 

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  1. Good advice lots of people think there is a short cut to developing muscle. There isn’t it takes focus, the right exercise and diet Lucy x

  2. I should start a building muscle program again. Last time I had amazing results with 1.5g-1.75g/kg of protein, all vegetarian (obviously) and a weight lifting regime. I’m just very busy these days to start it.

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