Simple but effective beauty practices by Japanese women

If you ask a man or woman whether he or she takes active care in preserving their beauty, the answer may fluctuate between yes and…


Japanese beauty practices

If you ask a man or woman whether he or she takes active care in preserving their beauty, the answer may fluctuate between yes and no. But, irrespective of what the answer is, it is true that everybody wants to maintain their natural beauty and look their best for longer. This is the reason why so many beauty clubs, apps and blogs exist that provide beauty tips.

As has been stated by famous models like Liv Boeree, who is also a famous professional poker player, many of the downloadable apps and websites providing information related to lifestyle often suggest beauty tips that are either complex or hard to follow on a regular basis. The majority of Japanese women follow methods different from these and are famed for preserving their clear and glowing faces till an advanced stage of their lifetime. In fact, many of the beauty practices employed by Japanese women, including some described below, are simple and very effective, yet often ignored by the outer world. This article concentrates on some fundamental beauty practices by Japanese women, which can be practiced from the comfort of home.

Simple but effective beauty practices by Japanese women

First and foremost is avoiding exposure to the sun, except for the amount of time that the body needs to produce enough Vitamin D for one day. This time span is relatively very small, since the production of Vitamin D requires only about half of the time that is necessary for the skin to start burning. If they ever have to be in sun for a period of time, they use a good sunscreen cream with a high sun protection factor. Japanese women are always mindful of the fact that UV rays are the single most significant cause of premature aging and wrinkled skin.

The second most important practice is to exfoliate prior to bathing. Beauty-conscious Japanese women exfoliate their skin by gently scrubbing it using Azuki powder, herbal powders, or some good gel before bathing. Exfoliation helps in removing dead cells from the skin, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of any oil or moisturiser that they apply after bathing. Also, bathing in hot water after exfoliation not only helps in keeping the body clean, but it also helps the body relax after stressful work.

Third, Japanese women give special attention to their diet. They believe that natural beauty comes from what you consume rather than what you apply externally. Japanese women often avoid sugary and fatty foods. They prefer vitamin-rich vegetables and fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. This habit helps them prevent aging naturally and saves them from getting exposed to unwanted chemicals in processed foods.

Apart from this, the secret behind their even complexion is the consumption of a lot of fruit, especially fruits like oranges, which are rich in Vitamin C. Also, Japanese women consume drinks that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties like green tea.

A fourth important practice is the use of natural oils, especially camellia, which is a floral oil. It helps in deep moisturizing, as well as cleansing, and thus delays the signs of aging.

Next important practice is getting massaged. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they visit a masseur regularly; but they do massage themselves or, at times, get massaged by cohabitants. A nice massage not only calms the body, but it also helps in moisturising the skin and increasing blood circulation and nutrition supply. Thus, a good massage prevents premature aging and keeps skin glowing.

Finally, Japanese women engage in various physical activities like doing household chores or other exercises. Sweating performs an important function by cleansing the skin of pollutants and helping the body release toxins and other unwanted substances, such as excess salt and cholesterol. Thus, it helps to keep the skin glowing while also keeping the body in shape. As such, regular exercise, in combination with the other simple and natural practices described above, is among the secrets that help a majority of Japanese women preserve their world-renowned beauty.


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