Why you shouldn’t care if someone unfollows you.

Do you care when someone unfollows you? Damn, I’ve checked my Twitter stats and I’m another 10 followers down this week. Doom. It’s an awful…


Do you care when someone unfollows you?

Damn, I’ve checked my Twitter stats and I’m another 10 followers down this week. Doom. It’s an awful feeling, isn’t it? Why does it hurt when someone unfollows you? It feels very personal, doesn’t it?

What if I’ve done something to annoy someone? I thought that person was my friend. What if everyone hates me and wants me to die.

It’s can all get quite dramatic. Especially amongst us bloggers. We’re a right bunch of drama llamas, right?

But here’s how to not care if someone unfollows you.

Why shouldn’t care if someone unfollows you.

What to do when someone unfollows you

Remember when you unfollowed someone

Think back to the last few times you unfollowed someone. I’m not sure about you, but I can unfollow someone for many reasons. Usually stuff like:

  • Retweeting stuff I don’t care about.
  • Retweeting too much and spamming my feed.
  • You’re a Twitter litterer.
  • Person I have no connection with and can’t remember why I follow.
  • Seems to always be involved in the latest drama.
  • You’ve sent me an auto-DM.

See. It’s nothing personal. It’s literally just the push of a button. Highly driven by what mood I’m in. If someone unfollows you on social media, it might just be for a silly reason like I’ve mentioned about!

Why do you want them anyway?

It’s much better to have 400 people on your feed who love your Tweets and want to follow you. It’s better to have 400 followers who interact with you than 4000 people who are just there for the sake of it. So let those that want to go go. It’s okay not to be loved by everyone. It’s okay if not everyone wants to read your Tweets.

It looks much better to have a smaller amount of followers that actually engage with you rather than loads that ignore you!

It’s probably not even about you.

It’s true. Many people do the whole follow/unfollow thing – chances are someone could have followed you and because you’ve not returned the favour, they’ve given you the cull. Or they could be trying to reduce the amount of traffic in their feed as they’re overwhelmed. Or they might want to unfollow some people to make their follow/unfollow ratio better, which makes them a dick. They might just think you’re a dick. Lolz, jokes. They probably don’t. Maybe.

What does it mean when someone unfollows you?

It probably just means they don’t want to see your content anymore. Maybe they are having a clearout and unfollowing a lot of people. Maybe their interests changed. Maybe your beliefs don’t align. It could be many things!

Should I unfollow someone who unfollowed me on Instagram?

I guess it depends on whether you want to see their content still! I probably would unfollow them back!


NO, IT IS NOT. It is the internet. Most of these people are people you have never met and probably won’t ever meet. You might not even live in the same country. It’s a bit silly to care so much about what people you don’t know think. They have no real idea who you are so maybe you need a night out at the pub with your friends if you’re putting too much focus on social media follows. There are many reasons people unfollow you on social media and most of them won’t even be that big of a deal.

In short, it might hurt your feelings if someone has done the dirty on you – but you have to remember that it’s just a social media website. In the scheme of things, it’s not that important.

Do you care if someone unfollows you?

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  1. I really don’t! I know quite a few people with those apps that tell you if who’s followed/unfollowed you and they seem kind of ridiculous to me, basically just a way to torture yourself! Life’s stressful enough, why do it to yourself?

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

  2. I do love seeing my numbers rise on social media, don’t we all?! But I don’t particularly care if someone unfollows me. Like you said, I’d much rather have followers who want to follow me and engage with me. If that means I only have a few, so be it! The only time I really care if someone unfollows me is if it’s someone I considered to be a blogging friend. That hurts. Never happened so far though, thankfully! Haha. BTW, what is a Twitter Litterer?!

  3. I do care sometimes, but most of the time I think people who follow me do it purely hoping I will follow them back and when I do give in and follow them, they unfollow.. or they unfollow after they realise I’m not going to follow back.

  4. I think it all depends on the person and the relationship. If it was someone I speak to on occasion I would take note, if it was my BFF I would be kicking up hell lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. This is so true! I have unfollowed a few blogs or IG accounts that I feel I am not really interested in to try and free up my feed but I mean nothing personal. Also, I prefer to stick with communicators when it comes to commenting etc!

  6. Thank you for writing this – it’s all so true, and I love it! Thinking back I’m realising that I’ve wasted way too much time fretting about whether any of the my unfollowers were Tweeps I was Following and cared about. I have to admit to wishing that more of my favourite blog commenters were Following me on Twitter, but I’m very happy that many of them do – and looking over my Followers list there are many that I don’t relate to.
    Your ‘Remember When You UnFollowed Someone’ and ‘Is It Real Life?’ reminders quickly put the UnFollow issue in perspective. Maybe I’ll take it less hard when Tweeps I like UnFollow me from here on out. Thanks again! 😀

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