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Move Or Improve? Exploring Your Options

Is your family growing? Are you short on space? Are you after a new adventure or are you desperate to try and make those visions…


Move Or Improve? Exploring Your Options

Is your family growing? Are you short on space? Are you after a new adventure or are you desperate to try and make those visions of your dream home into a reality? If you’re at a crossroads and you’re toying with the idea of relocating, you may be considering all the options. For some people, a move makes sense, but if you adore your home, it may be possible to improve the current model. If you don’t know which way to turn, hopefully, this guide will come in handy.

Move Or Improve? Exploring Your Options

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Moving house: the pros and cons

Moving house is one of the most exciting things you can do, but it’s also one of the most stressful and arduous. Packing up all your stuff is time-consuming enough without throwing in the rollercoaster ride of selling your current home and trying to find a new base. If you are struggling for space, moving could enable you to buy a larger house, and it may be a chance to take the next step on the property ladder. If you’re investing in a more valuable property, this will enable you to grow your assets in the long-term.

Buying a new home also gives you a chance to try and find that dream property. You could either hunt down a home that ticks all the boxes, or you could consider doing up an old, run-down home or even building on a plot of land. There are lots of different options, and it’s worth weighing up the pros and cons of each proposition. If you have visions of looking out over open fields surrounded by unique design concepts and rooms you’ve invested time and energy creating, a building project could be the ideal choice for you. If on the other hand, you’d rather minimise stress and you’re not interested in putting your own stamp on your home immediately, buying a house that is in pristine condition may be a better option. If you see yourself somewhere in the middle, taking on a doer-upper may be an ideal compromise.

Before you decide whether or not to move, think about how you feel about your own home. Do you love every corner of it or has it lost its magic? If you no longer have that emotional attachment or the house just isn’t working for you anymore, a move may be on the cards. Have a look around and see what’s available within your budget. It’s beneficial to have an insight into the market before you make a final decision. If you love the house and you can’t imagine living anywhere else, it may be wise to consider other options before you rush into putting a for sale sign outside.

Move Or Improve? Exploring Your Options

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Improving your home: is it worth the hassle?

If you’re not desperate to move house, it may be better to try and improve it. Do you dream of a spacious, light country kitchen where you can spend evenings together as a family or have friends over? Are you desperate for more space upstairs? Has your bathroom suite seen better days? If so, do some research and work out if it would be possible to turn your current home into something spectacular.

If space is the only issue, get in touch with some building firms and discuss the viability of converting attic or basement spaces or extending the property. Once you have quotes and you know if it is actually feasible to increase the amount of usable space, you can make a decision. If you do add an extension or turn a basement or attic room into a bedroom, study or games room, you could add substantial value to the house, as well as tackling the space problem. It’s really important to have an accurate idea of how much any building work you undertake will cost before you sign any agreements or part with any cash. Remember to add in the cost of decorating and interior design to give you an overall estimate. It’s also worth asking local estate agents for advice to see how much value specific projects could add.

Move Or Improve? Exploring Your Options

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If you’ve got enough space, but your home needs a little TLC or modernising, there are myriad ways you can revamp the interiors and give your home a new look. Most people prioritise the kitchen. If you don’t love your kitchen at the moment, consider a remodel or take steps to improve the layout or the aesthetic. Have a look around some showrooms, look for inspiration online and in magazines and think about styles and trends. Do you want something modern with granite worktops, stainless steel kitchen taps and minimalist design features or would you rather channel the shabby chic vibe with rustic units, a tiled floor, and upcycled wooden chairs? Set a budget, put elements of design concepts you love together and work with a company or individual to come up with some detailed plans.

If you’re keen to refresh the rest of the house, take a look at new bathroom and bedroom suites, consider a different colourway and investigate flooring options. It can often be difficult to imagine how a room will look, so browsing magazines and websites is really helpful.

Move Or Improve? Exploring Your Options

To move or to improve?

If you’re trying to decide which path to take, think carefully about how you feel about your home, how much you have available to put into a new house or carry out renovations and what you want to achieve. If you love your home and you think you’d be able to turn it into a perfect property by doing a bit of work and adding more space, this may be a better option than moving. If you don’t feel attached to your home, you’re excited about a new adventure, and you’re keen to put your stamp on a new house, moving may be the best step for you.

Move Or Improve? Exploring Your Options

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If you’re thinking about whether to stay or go, weigh up your options, do some sums and use both your head and your heart.

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  1. I’d love to move to a bigger home, but right now that’s not an option, so we’re just trying to work with what we have.

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