Why you are losing Twitter Followers

I’m probably writing this post for me more than you. Because that’s the type of person I am. My Twitter following has not only come…


I’m probably writing this post for me more than you. Because that’s the type of person I am.

My Twitter following has not only come to a halt over the past few months, it’s gone backward.

If you want to be the opposite of me, which I am sure many of you do, then follow the following tips to not lose followers. Are you following me? Great.

You spam too much.

Every Tweet on your timeline is a promotional Tweet or some auto-post from Instagram that nobody cares about. Get a personality for your feed, it’s not an advertisement.

You don’t tweet enough.

Tweets have a lifespan of about 18 minutes. Then it’s basically lost forever thanks to how fast-paced Twitter is. You need to stay active to stay seen – so get Tweeting. Not just spammy promotional Tweets, either.

You don’t interact enough.

Force yourself into other peoples feeds by interacting with Tweets. Reply and join in conversations to get seen on other peoples feeds as well as those that follow you.

You are too selfish.

Stop sharing your own content only – share your friends, people who are new and need a boost, people who are established and share good stuff, things that make you laugh, things that make you think.

This gets you noticed by others, into peoples good books and also means your feed is a bit more exciting!

Now stop automating everything and start getting social.

Also, can anyone tell me if I am supposed to capitalise Tweets and Twitter and Tweeting? Is it Re-Tweet or ReTweet or Retweet or what? 


  1. I try to be active on Twitter but I’ve been so rubbish at it recently and it really shows! I always lose followers when I don’t post for a few days x

    Jenny |

  2. I’ve also been really bad at twitter the last couple of months, I have’t tweeted much or joined any chats. And that’s why my accounts has been at the same number the whole time. I’m slowly getting back to it but it does take a lot of time to tweet, schedule tweets, join chats, etc. Great post xx

    Valentina from

  3. I’m notoriously bad at just posting promo tweets. With me, it’s all or nothing. Some days I’m really active on Twitter, and other days I’m not. I haven’t actually even been on Twitter for the last few days due to being ill, and all my promo tweets are still going out, so I’ve probably lost followers as a result D: But oh well!

  4. This made me laugh because I know these are changes I need to make but I am so bad at some of these things! I definitely need to tweet more non-self-promotion stuff – I do reply to other peoples tweets and interact that way but I dont really go on twitter a lot throughout the day so it’s hard to keep up. It really does show though, my followers are hovering around the same number and have been for a while. I love sharing other people’s posts, dont do it enough! xx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

  5. I’m guilty of this. I was sharing just my posts and I’ve been trying hard to post a bit more than just my posts but it is so difficult. It’s really hard to show my personality too when I don’t know anyone. The things I have to say are said on my blog, so I don’t really know what small things I can chat about on my twitter. I doubt anyone wants to know when I’m going to the bathroom haha

  6. I am so shit at twitter. My life is so busy and I feel like twitter is so busy too! I feel like I can never keep up with any of it lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. I had been finding it really difficult to utilize Twitter properly, until I started studying digital marketing at College and now I feel like I have finally wrapped my head around it haha! Definitely going to put these tips into place x

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