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The lazy girl’s guide to Halloween

Being last minute is probably something I’m known for. Especially when it comes to dressing up. We have lots of dress-up days at work and…


The lazy girl's guide to Halloween

Being last minute is probably something I’m known for. Especially when it comes to dressing up. We have lots of dress-up days at work and I’m always scrambling around the day before trying to find a suitable outfit. Whether it’s a themed dress-up day, a colour or just a free-for-all, I’m searching my wardrobe the night before to find something that will pass for the occasion.

I’m the sort of person that will not go all out for dressing up, I prefer a much more subtle touch!

With Halloween coming up in just a few days, I thought a post about how to put together a quick and easy outfit that will save a few pounds as well as your skin would be much needed for some of you.

Nail it!

All you need to do is search the #halloweennails hashtag on Instagram and you’ll find lots and lots of ideas for a subtle way to get in the Halloween mood. From simple spiders webs and pumpkins to skulls and skeletons, you’re bound to find something that uses the colours that already exist in your nail collection, or will not cost much to get.

If nail art is not your thing, then go for the traditional orange, purple, green or black look.

Be Tight.

Another subtle way to dress up on Halloween is Halloween themed tights! A few years ago, I got some spider and pumpkin tights and I’ve worn them a few times since. They work with a simple black dress or skirt and you can find them on lots of tights like this in online stores.

Just a Tee.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing just a t-shirt as your costume. Wait, let me re-phrase that – there’s nothing wrong with having a t-shirt as your only Halloween piece. A few years ago I did this with a pumpkin tee. As Halloween gets more and more popular you can get simple tees like this in lots of shops around this time of year under £10.

All Black and add a hat.

I’m pretty sure most of have black clothing. Leggings, a dress, a skirt, top, it all works. Ripped tights with some knee-high boots like the ones from Uppersole paired with a black dress and a witches hat would be a cheap way get a Halloween look.

Just face it.

I know a lot of you readers are makeup lovers already, so your makeup collection is probably already extensive. This is another one for Instagram, hop over there and search #halloweenmakeup for lots of ideas.

You can either go with normal makeup with dark colours to give a gothic, horror feel, or go all out with face paint.

I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to being adventurous with makeup, so I prefer to just go in with some black and purple sparkly eyeshadow to theme myself Halloween!

So whether you are going to a party, going out on the town or are dressing up in the office – hopefully this gave you some ideas on how to create a simple Halloween look with not too much effort or money!

What are you dressing up for this Halloween?


  1. I love all of your ideas for dressing up on Halloween – as if I was’t too lazy to do it.
    I love nail-art. Your Halloween nail art ideas are excellent (pretending I’m not a total klutz).
    I thought I might manage a costume this year for a moment with the “Just a Tee” idea before you re-phrased it. I’m seeing my shrink this year on Halloween. She would have loved it I’m sure.
    That reminds me. She’s looking for a magic wand (the only way to cure me). It might be a good time to look for one.
    I love that orange jack-o’-lantern face t-shirt you styled with the black skirt in your 2014 Halloween post:
    I’m afraid I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since the year after the outfit I wore in this photo: but I always picked the same kind of outfit – I won prizes labeled simply “transvestite”.
    You must look beautiful with black and purple sparkly eyeshadow applied!!!

  2. My even lazier guide is just to do nothing, which is what I intend to do. Haha. Great tips for those who actually want to do something though.

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