Activities to do to stay active on holiday

Activities to do to stay active on holiday

It’s common for people to go on a diet before they go on holiday, they try to eat well and stay healthy so they look their best around the pool and in their holiday photos.

It’s also common for people to undo their months of sweating it out at the gym and eating tasteless salads in a couple of weeks of all-inclusive meals, ice-cream and beer.

It doesn’t have to be like that, of course. You don’t have to spend your days sat around the pool or on the beach and your evenings in a bar.

Relaxing doesn’t have to mean doing nothing.

You might actually be surprised how much fun you have if you attempt to get a bit active while you’re away.

Here are some things you can do on holiday to stay active.


Activities to do to stay active on holiday

My personal favourite thing to do on holiday is to snorkel. I’ve never done deep sea diving, which is another alternative if you have a bit of money to spend. Most holiday destinations have a place where you can pay to go deep sea diving with guidance from professionals.

A cheaper alternative is to get yourself a snorkel and goggle set (and flippers if you prefer), take yourself down to the beach and get exploring.

Try to do this on days when the sea is calm as when it’s too wavy, the sand can make the water unclear.

I can spend hours with my family in the sea looking at the coral and fish. It’s surprising how many big fish come so close to the shore. Look for beaches that have rocks and such rather than just plain sand beaches.


Activities to do to stay active on holiday

Golfing is not an intense sport, which is what makes it great for holidays when you’re out in the sun. It has you on your feet for hours and walking a fair bit. So get yourself some stylish and comfortable ecco golf shoes and get hitting that ball.

If you have kids with you, crazy golf is also an option. Although you won’t be on your feet for as long, your kids will have a great time while doing something active.


Activities to do to stay active on holiday

We often neglect how beautiful some parts of the places we visit on holiday are and stick the obvious spots. Try going inland a bit and finding some mountains and trails to hike up.

Bring plenty of water!

Bike Riding.

Activities to do to stay active on holiday

Some countries have a massive cycling culture and even bikes you can quickly rent and drop off around main cities. Whether you want to go o a 20-mile ride down a cycle trail or just use it as a means of transport, it’s another way to get your heart pumping.

Water Sports.

Activities to do to stay active on holiday

Watersports are a lot of fun, not just jet skiing and parasailing – but have you ever played water volleyball?

Jumping around and having your arms up in the air all the time gets your out of breath. A lot of hotels will have activities like this during the day thanks to the hotel’s entertainment team. But if you have a big enough group with you, there’s nothing to stop you playing whenever you want!

Do you like to stay active on holiday?

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