5 pieces you need in your Autumn wardrobe

Autumn is actually my least favorite season. This is because it marks the end of summer which is my most favorite season. I love summer….


Autumn is actually my least favorite season. This is because it marks the end of summer which is my most favorite season. I love summer. For me, autumn represents wind and rain. It’s getting up for work when it’s still dark and turning the light on stings your eyes. It’s shivering in the car until the heating kicks in. It’s trying to dash from the car to work without getting your hair wet.

However, the one thing I do love about autumn is the clothing. I’m a big fan of dark reds, browns, and mustard in my wardrobe and these colours are great for autumn. I’ve never really gotten on with plum, which is often what’s in shops at this time of year. Although I love the color, I feel it does nothing for me.

5 pieces you need in your Autumn wardrobe


Florals are generally for spring and summer. But I’m a floral dress kind of girl, so I naturally have to find a way to get this into my autumn wardrobe. Luckily there are plenty of pretty floral dresses like the ones below that have the perfect colours for the darker months.

You might think that dresses are just for summer, but you would be surprised how warm a dress can be if you pick the right material. Some dresses can be quite thick and if you combine that with a dress with sleeves, tights, and socks hidden by boots, you can still feel both snug and stylish!


Warm boots are a must and I love a brown boot. Which is strange as I only have black boots. I need to sort this out and treat myself to a pair of comfy brown boots that can last me through autumn and winter.

It’s sometimes a good idea to go up half a size when it comes to boots so you can put your warm socks on.

Be careful of the material and ensure you go for something that can withstand the rain without getting spoilt! I prefer to invest in a more expensive pair that can last me a few seasons rather than just a cheap pair that gets wrecked.


An autumn would not be the same without a scarf. The massive blanket ones are not only stylish but so warm and soft. There are loads of different styles out there now and though I do love the pastel ones that seemed popular last year, the original red tartan has to remain my favorite.

Mustard is one of my favourite colours and while I’m not brave enough to try a full dress in that colour, a cardigan is always a safe bet. I do love jumpers in this colour too with a skirt.


And last, you can’t get through the wind and rain that the UK has to offer without a women’s rain mac. It fits in perfectly with the colour scheme and I love the massive pockets must have!

Coats are also the type of thing I prefer to spend a bit more money on and use for a few years. If you’re smart about it you can get one that won’t be completely out of fashion next season!

What’s your main colours and items for autumn?

5 pieces you need in your Autumn wardrobe


  1. I like Autumn too. I like being able to wear my ponchos. I also got a lovely coat that is perfect for this weather.

  2. Great timing on this post! The weather has been unusually warm so far this autumn where I live (Long Island, New York, U.S.A.) but the cooler/colder weather is predicted to set in here later this week along with a lot of rain. All of these outfit pieces sound stylish, practical, and like excellent clothing choices to add to wardrobes. My own wardrobe can use renewing – too many worn out ripped pieces, broken zippers. etc.. I’ll be looking for new t-shirts, turtlenecks, coats, socks, boots, gloves and hats (in addition to my perennial search for pretty panties and blouses).
    I love the colours of the items in the image above – the dress is very pretty.
    For autumn I still like pink and light blue, sunflower yellow with fuchsia, and orange with blue, but as winter approaches I’ll probably like more reds and blacks added in.
    The autumn scene in that top photo is beautiful!

  3. I’m the same, everyone bangs on about Autumn but I’m defo a Summer person, although I love Autumn fashion, ankle boots are my weakness xxx

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