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My own personal Tarot reading with Tarotbella

Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated with anything to do with fortune-telling, astronomy and the stars and universe. I’m a big fan…


Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated with anything to do with fortune-telling, astronomy and the stars and universe. I’m a big fan of reading my horoscope. Even if it’s not relevant to me at the time, horoscopes still contain some words of wisdom that are worth being reminded of.

I was recently contacted by Tarotbella (Kerry Ward) about having my cards read and couldn’t refuse.

All I had to do was give her my date of birth and ask any particular question. I asked for a reading about where my career is heading and then just a general overview of everything else.

My Tarotbella Card Reading

Tarot reading with Tarotbella Kerry Ward
Tarot reading with Tarotbella

This is an odd one because I’m not planning on going anywhere permanently. Although I am going to Australia for a month at the end of October. I’m really sad about leaving my boyfriend for a month, but I’m very glad to be having the month off work to have a bit of free time.

Tarot reading with Tarotbella
Tarot reading with Tarotbella

Again this does link to Australia. I’m hoping to use the time I have there to really get back into things with blogging as I don’t have much time now. Although we do have some plans in Australia, we won’t be going out and doing things every day/night like a holiday.

I guess I do have secrets. Well, that sounds a bit childish – I have things in my past that I do not talk about, for many reasons. Maybe my past struggles could help others so I should talk about them, but I have never been the type to of person to make my issues/past/problems public. I like to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself and struggle to express myself.

Tarot reading with Tarotbella

The part about The High Priestess speaks to me a lot because I am always finding myself staying quiet to avoid confrontation. I have been working hard on sticking up for myself a bit more lately, in many aspects of my life. I still have work to do on this though. I hate uncomfortable conversations, upsetting people and causing tension, but sometimes it needs to be done.

I am not really sure about the career one. I feel pretty stuck in the motions at the moment. I get told often that I can go further but I just don’t have the motivation and desire to. I guess I do need to get my head up in a way to find some motivation and aspiration again.

Tarot reading with Tarotbella

Wanting what others want speaks to me when it comes to blogging. In 2016, I upped my game and doubled my page views, income, social media followers and more. It’s slowed down in 2017 because I simply haven’t had the time to work on blogging. I do feel a pang of jealousy when I hear about bloggers quitting their job and going full-time. I have mixed feelings about doing this for myself. I can earn a lot one month and next to nothing the next.

The love and relationships part was pretty accurate as I moved in with my boyfriend a couple of months ago.

The work decision is something I’ve yet to come across yet, so it’ll be interesting to see if it does.

My reading really interested me and I’d love to do one in the future. I found it really made me think about my life and what path I want to take, what goals I want to set. It’s a bit of a reassessment of my current situation. I think this would make a great present for anyone into things like this. Even a great Christmas present to help someone think about their goals for the following year!

Tarotbella is Cosmopolitan’s resident tarot expert, and also writes for Soul & Spirit magazine, providing monthly horoscopes and themed forecasts- Kerry Ward has been sharing accurate insights and inspiring tarot forecasts for clients all over the world for over twenty years, and you can get your own personal written reading at, or follow her on


  1. Ooh fascinating and always interesting for someone to give some additional insight. I’m not sure I would like someone to tell me about the future, love the idea but what is shared would worry me. Australia will be lovely Lucy x

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