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Oh goodness. Cheese. It’s perfect, isn’t it? I must have a cheeseboard with my boyfriend at least twice a month. It’s become a bit of…


Oh goodness. Cheese. It’s perfect, isn’t it? I must have a cheeseboard with my boyfriend at least twice a month. It’s become a bit of a Sunday night tradition. Every time, we say to each other: we must stop eating so much cheese. But don’t. We’re such enablers.

Anyway, because I’m hungry, I wanted to do a bit of a post about my favourite things to have on a cheese board.

Port Salut.

Port Salut is a soft, creamy cheese. It’s a bit rubbery in texture and mild. I could eat the whole block.

President Brie.

Brie is a must have for a cheese board. I’m sure most of you know what brie is already, so I’m not going to explain. If you don’t like brie, then go get in the sea.

Herb & Garlic Whirl.

This is a delicious cheese and I can only ever find from the cheese counter in Tesco. It’s a red Leicester with garlic and herb flavouring and I’ve loved this type of cheese for years. When I have it in, I can’t stop myself for getting some every time I go to the fridge.


Mexicana is delicious – if you’re a fan of spicy things, there’s even an extra hot version of this chilli cheese that never fails to make my mouth water.


There is no point having a cheese board without chorizo. This is the thing that I was happiest to start eating again when I stopped being a vegetarian. It is great on a cracker with cheese or eaten on it’s own.


Everyone loves humous and I tend to have it rather than buttering crackers as it’s just easier. Buttering crackers is doom as they fall apart too often, ruining your cheese board experience.

Salt & Pepper Crackers.

Most supermarkets stock their own version of salt and pepper crackers and in my opinion, they are the only type of cracker you need to a perfect cheese board.

Carrot and cucumber sticks.

Because this means it’s healthy? Right? I do enjoy the vegetables, it’s a great way to fill up on healthy, low calorie food rather than just cheese and chorizo.

Now tell me about what is on your perfect cheese board.


  1. I always put feta or salad cheese and Stilton on the cheese board. Houmous sounds strange on a cheese board (for me 🙂 ). Also, no meat for us, obviously. 🙂

  2. I am lactose intolerant and I love cheese (and will not so happily suffer the after effects because what is life without cheese?) I came across a restaurant that does a build your own cheese board in their cheese room and that is just amazing. I will be going there.

    I haven’t tried Port Salut but that is now on my cheese list as is that garlic and herb whirl, worth the trek to Tesco to try it.

    Having recently decided to go veggie, I am so glad I can still eat cheese. Halloumi doesn’t make me ill so I basically find a way to eat it regularly, bunging it into everything. Curried halloumi is my most recent discovery.

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