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How to not give a shit about blog drama

Blog drama is the new black. So is being offended by everything and anything. That’s how I feel about the blogging community on Twitter lately….


Blog drama is the new black. So is being offended by everything and anything.

That’s how I feel about the blogging community on Twitter lately. Every two minutes someone is having some pointless argument about something that isn’t actually a big deal.

It used to stress me out a bit. Because when you know someone a long time, even when it’s just online, and you see them getting attacked, or you see them saying something that makes you feel a bit disappointed in them – well it makes me sad as fuck.

I think I’ve gone through all the stages of dealing with blog drama.

First: The urge to give my opinion.

I used to really want to get involved and share my opinion which was obviously right and better than yours.

Thing is, people are very stubborn when it comes to things like that so there is no point trying to talk some sense into someone who is keyboard warrioring.

Second: The urge to be passive aggressive.

I wonder if writing this posts makes me a little passive aggressive? LOLZ. But you know the type – when blog drama happens people have to tweet something about how it’s pathetic. Or ‘oh, not more blogging drama’.

Third: The urge to screen shot and send.

Whatsapp chats! Of course. The way to have your opinion without being attacked. Wonderful.

I honestly do think that people should be able to say what they want in a Whatsapp chat. As long as you’re not friends with the person your talking about, it’s a safe way to vent.

Forth: There is no urge I just don’t care.

This is the phase I’m in now. I don’t give a shit about blog drama. Or debates. Or whatever you want to call it. Because I’m busy and they’re always the same and everyone is trying to take the noble high ground.

I hear a lot of bloggers get down about all the bickering on Twitters. They feel like they don’t want to be on Twitter or even blog anymore. That’s a terrible way to feel. So here are some steps to take if you’re feeling a bit fed up.

Take a step back.

The best thing to do is just take a step back. Step back and look at the bigger picture. Does it really matter?

Spend time away from the source that is upsetting you and focus your energy on something in real life.

It’s just the internet.

It’s true. It’s just the internet. So what if some blogger you have never met thinks a certain way? Why should you care? Stick by your own morals and what’s important to you. In a few months or years time, you’ll probably never even think of this person again.

Remember your priorities.

What’s important to you right now? Is spending time catching up on the latest blogger gossip taking time and effort away from that? It’s not productive.

Remember why you blog. 

If you’re feeling like you want to stop blogging, just focus on why you started in the first place and is it really worth quitting because of some idiot on the internet?

You can always blog but stay away from Twitter. Visit other blogs instead of going on your Twitter feed. Leave comments and share some love.

Do you get upset by blog drama? Do you think it’s hilarious or do you just not care?


  1. I avoid twitter drama as much as I can. I would mute people for a while, so I keep my feed nice, calm and pleasant. I’ve been through all the stages though.

  2. I think I`m the only person that`s behind on all the Twitter drama. Like, I would get up in the morning and see some sneaky tweets that I have no idea what they mean, wonder if I should bother checking it out and move on. I think that`s one of the reasons why Twitter is my least favourite social media platform, too much drama.

  3. I have better things going on IRL to deal with than blog drama or drama in general so I just try to stay out of it as much as possible.

  4. I love drama, like watching it from far, far away with my tiny bucket of pop corn. But I have to admit, there has been some of it way too much on the feed lately – we should be more supportive to each other, not just fight like toddlers over a toy.

  5. I avoid dramas both in real life and online, honestly don’t have the energy and time for it. Some people do get offended with everything, there’s just no point getting into it with them.

  6. YES! This post is just what I needed. Twitter can be such a horrible place when it wants to be, I have been trying to hard to avoid it all, but sometimes I talk before I get the chance to think – rookie mistake!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. I honestly prefer to stay out of any kind of drama in blogs or social networks, I prefer to focus on the content of my space before entering into cyber debates.

  8. I always seem to miss the blogging drama – which is a great way to not give a shit about it, I suppose! Haha.

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