Movies I thought I would hate but didn’t

I’ve watched more movies in the past year than I have in the rest of my whole life. My boyfriend has talked me into watching a few films that I never would have thought I would have liked, or even heard of. Some of these are pretty decent films, so check them out.


Enigma is loosely based on the events what happened in 1943 at Bletchley Park, when code breakers attempted to break the Nazi code.

Of course, there is more to it than that. Including the moral choices faced when the code is cracked and they know where the Germans will attack next, the relationships between the code breakers and more.


Rush shows the rivalry between the two F1 race drivers James Hunt and and Niki Lauda. The story starts before they both hit it big as F1 racers. They have very different lifestyles and views – James Hunt being a bit of a party animal and Niki being more disciplined.

I found this boring until half way through, when Niki calls a meeting to cancel a race due to heavy rain. James then accuses him of doing this so he can continue to have more points and Niki’s suggestion is out voted, leaving them risking their life lap by lap.


I didn’t know what train spotting was. I thought it was about trains.

But no, it’s about a group of young Scottish men that are drinking too much, taking drugs and trying to live life. They aren’t doing a great job at this. But they do try.

It’s dark, it’s disturbing and feels very real.

The Devils Double. 

The Devil’s Double is a true story which follows the life of Latif Yahia, the body double of Saddam Hussein’s son, Uday. It’s set in 1987 during the Iran-Iraq war and shows some unsettling truths about what people were made to do. Latif did not consent to be Uday’s body double – but is forced to after being prisoned, tortured, then finally gives in when Uday threatens to kill his family.

Uday is a violent, sick and uncontrollable man and this only gets worse as the film goes on. It’s very interesting to see how the story develops.

Star Wars: Rogue One.

After watching all the Star Wars films last autumn, we went to the cinema to watch this one. This is another one I found slow in the start. It’s a bit strange to watch a Star Wars film that doesn’t have the normal characters in.

It follows the story for Jyn (pronounced GIN, yay!) and a spy who attempts to steal the plans to the death star – the plans that are then hidden in R2D2 for the following films. Clever. It puts all the films out of order, again, but it’s a good watch.

What films have surprised you lately?

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