Should you give a shit about other peoples blogging pet peeves?

One of the most popular blog posts on this blog is 5 things that make me leave your blog and never return. It’s got 132…


blogging pet peeves

One of the most popular blog posts on this blog is 5 things that make me leave your blog and never return. It’s got 132 comments. That’s a lot.

It’s got a bunch of things that turn me off your blog. I am very judgement, you see. A terrible person.

3 years after I wrote that blog post, my views on blogging have changed a lot. I’m much more ‘I’ll do what a want’ when it come to blogging. And I think you should be like that, too.

Thing is, we read all this tips on how to get a great blog and there’s lots of great information out there, but the problem we have is that all the tips are the same and now lots of blogs look the same.

blogging pet peeves

There are some pet peeves that you should not do – like following and unfollow because that just makes you a dick. But most of them aren’t actually that bad, especially when bloggers are new and learning.

You might take photos with your iPhone. What’s wrong with that? As long as they’re clear.

You might not want to share your location or age. What’s wrong with that? Many bloggers keep their blogs a secret. At least for the first few years before they get drunk one night and text the link to their Mum.

You might spell definitely wrong or use the wrong form of their.

You might not want to take a photo of your face with your makeup on. This is something I wish more bloggers did because I want to see what it looks like but if you don’t want to share your pores and all to the rest of the world, then that’s your choice and I should get over it.

I think what I’m trying to say is that blogging has got to the point where too many people are sharing the same tips again and again and everyone else is reading them and trying to follow them. We’re also very busy trying not to upset anyone so we must reply to Tweets and comments and follow people back and not have opinions because everyone is offended.

It kind of takes the fun out of blogging.

Not only that, but it makes it overwhelming for new bloggers who are trying to catch up.

Look at one of my first posts. It’s full of blogging faux pas. But so what.

Take blog tips with a pinch of salt and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.



  1. The things that made bloggers unique and leaders in the field are diminishing. It’s ironical what made Lilly Pebbles, The Anna Edit, Zoella and Poppy Dyers to name a few blogs famous was they were unique, now they all share the same, say the same and their websites all look too similar. I’m not bashing, I still love them but I think it’s sad that they have made it supper professional and lost some of what people loved about them in the first place. There is something about rawness and uniqueness. Great post Lucy x

  2. I agree with what you say.
    I keep my opinions for myself, most of the times as least. This week I had a long discussion with another blogger that finished in her unfollowing me on twitter and saying that my logic is flawed because I didn’t agree with her. Fantastic, what can I say. I’ve read my answers 2 times so what I say doesn’t come as aggressive or impolite. Sometimes people can’t agree to disagree. So, no more opinions from me, unless is something safe.

  3. Nice post! You are so right. I have read tons of those articles and post you are talking about, but what it came down to is that I write what works for me. the rest will have to take care of itself.
    All the Best,

  4. Everyone seems to be following the same advice, so lots of blogs now feel the same. I agree that bloggers should do what they want. Creativity is interesting!

  5. The only things I give a fuck about are actual helpful feedback like “Oh that link doesn’t work” or can you change your font to make it easier to read etc. not being a poo poo head and just picking things apart because you think your way is better. I’ve had a few comments about the yellow… yeah its staying, aint no-one taking that away lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. Very well said! I agree!! We can get so bogged down in the dos and don’ts.
    That said, reading Anca’s comment above about offending people makes me think of whenI made the mistake on instagram of finding a picture of someone very funny because they were wearing an oversized jacket and leaning back so their head looked really tiny! If someone pointed this out to me, i would roar with laughter and the person I said it to seems to have a laugh in life and has fun. But, when I made the innocent comment that, “Oooh, your head looks really tiny like you’ve photoshopped it smaller!”, expecting her to laugh and she commented that it was the most stupid comment she’d ever heard, she was really not happy at being insulted on her IG in this way and then blocked me despite me apologising and saying I was sorry and really thought she’d laugh. Just proves sometimes one has to think. I was so sad because I’d left her absolutely loads of really complimentary nice comments over the last year and she was annoyed because this wasn’t one of those!

  7. I agree. There are way too many blogs these days with the same style of pictures, the same layout theme and it’s hard to distinguish one from another. I used to follow advice from these bloggers but actually I don’t want to be a sheep. I’m just happy doing my thing.

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