Blog income for the past year.

In 2016, I started post stat and income updates. I’ve not really be tracking my stats so can’t update them, but I did want to…


Blog income for the past year.

In 2016, I started post stat and income updates. I’ve not really be tracking my stats so can’t update them, but I did want to do a post about my blog income from Last August – July.

Most of my income comes from sponsored posts. These are both posts I’ve written myself and posts that other people have written and pay me to post them here.

I’ve wrote a post about how I find sponsored posts here.

I rarely seek out sponsored posts now, I have a few companies that work with me on a regular basis and can sometimes give me a few posts a month. The best thing to do is to stick to commitments with those you are working with to ensure they want to work with you in the future.

Here is what my earnings have looked like over the past year:

August 2016: 188.44

September 2016: 211.72

October 2016: 297.96

November 2016: 346.76

December 2016: 149.33

January 2017: 552.46

February 2017: 0

March 2017: 710.30

April 2017: 125.38

May 2017: 242.88

June 2017: 475.35

July 2017: 360.36

Total: £3535.56

I definitely don’t earn enough blogging to go full time, but it is a nice bit of pocket money and has helped me with things like holidays, expensive MOTs, buying a new bed and wardrobes, paying off my credit card and car insurance.

This money is subject to tax, though. Because I have a full time job, I end up having to pay around a third or a quarter to the tax man. My advice on this is to do your taxes as soon as possible so you can see how much you owe. The online assessment tax deadline is  31st January. This is also the date you have to pay the tax you owe. I sent my assessment off a few months ago I’ve been able to set up a direct debit so I pay a bit of it each month.

My other bit of advice is to try and keep some in your savings. I put all my blog money in my savings and will only spend on things I’ve planned to spend it on – eg helping buy furniture for the new house. This also means you’ll have the money set aside for paying your tax bill.

I would say I earn about 65% of my income on this blog, about 25% on my fitness blog and 10% on my tech blog.

You can see that some months I earn a lot more than others, which would be a real problem if I was blogging full time and one of the main reasons why I stopped wanting to be a full time blogger. The idea is nice, but the reality is inconsistent pay with no holiday pay, pension scheme or sick pay.

So for now, I’m happy earning a few extra hundred pounds a month!



  1. Really interesting reading. I can imagine it would be scary to blog full time with the uncertainty of a set income. Thanks so much for sharing! H x

  2. I do think it must be a little scary to be a full-time blogger and not have any guaranteed earnings. I think it’s a great idea to put lots of your blogging income into savings, so then you don’t have to worry about the tax bill x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  3. I imagine is so hard to blog full time. I’m earning a bit of money too, but not regularly and not the same amount each month. Also I get amazing products, that means I spend less money on face cream and stuff, but I can’t actually pay my bills with them. I think blogging full time is very stressful.

  4. So far I`ve been blogging on and off, but I want to be more professional from now on. I know I probably won`t make enough money to sustain myself, but like you said, it`s a good way to get extra bits and bobs.

  5. A little extra money is always nice. Thanks for sharing! I usually try to invest about half my blog earnings back into my blog.

  6. I love that you’re so open with your income from blogging – it is crazy that some months it’s a fair bit and sometimes it’s 0 – I think that element of it would stress me out too much as a full time blogger!
    Amy xx

  7. That is really interesting to hear. I honestly had no idea what sort of amounts bloggers earn. It must be scary doing it full time though!

  8. I think it is great and I agree, having a job makes more sense. Being said, thank for sharing. It is always interesting to see how lucrative this industry is on average.

  9. Found this really interesting to read and I think it’s awesome that you’ve managed to earn that from mainly sponsored posts. I’m just now getting into sponsored posts and it’s exciting territory!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  10. Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate your openness and honesty. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your full time job?

    Sincerely, Miss Portmanteau

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