Should you accept pre-written content?

Accepting pre-written content is something I never used to do until recently. If I got offered a piece of content, I’d either reject it or…


Should you accept pre-written content?

Accepting pre-written content is something I never used to do until recently.

If I got offered a piece of content, I’d either reject it or ask to re-write it myself.

This was simply because I didn’t want anything on my blog that wasn’t written by me. I was afraid it would ruin the quality, stand out, make everyone hate me.

I guess life circumstances have kind of forced me to change my mind on this. The biggest thing for me is time. Finding time to write 7 posts a week is hard. Some weeks are easier than others, some weeks are busy, some weeks I want to chill out after work and not sit at the computer.

So I’ve started accepting them.

Should you accept pre-written content?

There’s a few great reasons to do this:

  • Keeping up with a regular schedule.
  • Sharing knowledge that you might not be an expert in.
  • A variety of content.
  • More time for you.

You do have to be careful though. There will be people that want to share the same article on your blog as they will put on others. Duplicate content is bad, so you want to avoid this not only from an SEO point of view, but because it would be a tad embarrassing if someone reads both blogs.

Also be aware of images. Remember you can’t just take images from the Internet without permission so be certain that any images in pre-written content do not belong to someone else. If unsure, ask to add your own images or pick your own from a stock website.

Ask if you are able to edit slightly just to add your tone to it or make it more suitable for you audience. I like to put a bit of an intro to the post in my own words.

As always – make sure it feels right for you and your blog. If you feel a bit icky posting it, just say no. Not all topics will suit your blog and values so it’s important to stick to them.

I understand how someone might not want to accept pre-written content, but I think as I’ve become a bit more relaxed about blogging and wanting to live a little more, it’s just made sense for me.

What do you think about pre-written content?


  1. I actually dont mind pre written content as long as it fits in with the content and my blog.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I don’t accept pre-written content from brands. Recently I saw an post on a blog and a very very similar one on another blog, by the same company. If they would have been identical, I would have let the bloggers know as it might affect them as it’s duplicate content. Because they were slightly different (I checked the posts side by side), I didn’t say anything.
    While having content can be difficult sometimes, I would rather skip a couple of days instead of publishing something that is now unique and mine. I think there are other ways, like making a roundup or asking bloggers their thoughts on something and make a roundup with that. Never from brands, never ever.

  3. I generally don’t accept pre-written content because most of the time the quality of the writing isn’t that good and I don’t want to share do follow links to questionable sources.

  4. I don’t like pre-written content because although my readers may not realize it, I feel like it’s not true to me as a person. I don’t mind reading it though. I think there are pros and cons to everything, and maybe it takes time to get used to it. I’d rather wait and publish something that I’ve written and that I’m truly proud of xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  5. I accept pre-written content on my blog, but I’m very picky about what content I choose to accept, and what content I reject. I think it’s absolutely fine if it’s a piece you’re happy with!

  6. I personally don’t accept pre-written content but I’m not strapped for time at the moment so I completely understand why you do, I would probably do the same if i didn’t have enough time to get my posts done

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