How to wear a pencil skirt and kill it

How to wear a pencil skirt and kill it

Something that’s always in fashion – a pencil skirt is the most multi-purpose piece of female clothing, a definite “must-have” for a modern woman. But why does this model stand out among others?

The main reason is that you can wear it many different ways to fit into any image easily. It’s a staple item that can become a base of an office outfit, casual look, or even a party getup. It also has a slimming effect (woo) – and us women love that. Am I right? The legs seem visually longer and thinner; a pencil skirt stresses your good features, hides those we want to forget, and highlights the silhouette. If you have at least one such item in your wardrobe, you’re guaranteed to come up with lots of new options of outfits in another ‘I-have-nothing-to-wear’ case.

However, the majority of people still believe that a pencil skirt is way too boring. Well… let’s see. Just check the looks below to prove or deny it 😉

Ivory Pencil Skirt in Action

How to wear a pencil skirt and kill it

With an elegant ivory or white pencil skirt, you can create a cute no-fuss office look that will definitely impress your boss. It’s a win-win variant for a businesswoman – feminine and classic at the same time. Choose a contrasting “neighbour” for such dress: an airy chiffon blouse in green would be a nice complement for your fresh spring outfit.

Fantastic Starry Pencil Skirt

When summer comes, we all want to add something bright and eye-catchy to our images. A yellow pencil skirt with a starry pattern and a flirting cut will become that key detail you’ve been missing during the dull winter days. Remember that such colourful item is always a spotlight, so it’s wise to choose a monochromatic top that matches one of the skirt shades.

Textile Pencil Skirt

How to wear a pencil skirt and kill it

A patterned pencil skirt goes well with a blouse or a shirt. But that’s too a bit boring, I hear you say. Well, and what if we rock that classy shirt a bit, turning it into a trendy off-the-shoulder style?

Striped Midi Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas

How to wear a pencil skirt and kill it

Stripes are officially announced to be one of this season’s trends, so don’t miss the opportunity to play with this cute look. It can be adroable when done properly! A colourct color combination: white, nude, and sky-blue… and that skirt! It’s not just a skirt – it’s a piece of art!

Pineapple Fun to Spice up the Everyday Routine

Pineapples are the new unicorns. Maybe. Who says office dress code doesn’t have any loopholes? Look at this fantastic summer outfit: a classic high-waisted pencil skirt, a white shirt – there’s nothing like wearing pineapples to make the work day go faster. You can also take some pretty purse with a fun print to cheer you up during long and stressful working hours.

Rocking Metallic Pencil Skirt

How to wear a pencil skirt and kill it

You can look both glam and funky in a pencil skirt. If you haven’t added metallic magic to your daytime looks yet, you should definitely give it a try! Here is the formula: take a shimmery silver skirt, add a white shirt and heels, and cover it all with a bold leather coat. Magnificent outfit for any fab lady.

Casual Pencil Skirt Style

How to wear a pencil skirt and kill it

And here is a cool idea for casual-style-lovers. A cotton or textile midi pencil skirt in pastel colors paired with a black crop top and a ripped oversize denim jacket – wow! that’s exactly what you need if looking for something edgy. Here you can even break the tradition of wearing high heels with pencil skirts and put on your favorite comfy sneakers or flats.

Leather Skirt for a Crazy Night Out

How to wear a pencil skirt and kill it

Meet the final, completely unboring idea of the pencil skirt outfit. Besides being a popular party option, leather items are very good in hiding the plumpness of the hips, visually making the legs longer, and the body sexier.

How do you wear a pencil skirt?

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  • Georgiana

    Personally, I love pencil skirts. I think they look effortlessly chic. But sadly, they don`t work for my body shape. Or hobbit height, for that matter. Though, I could probably rock that leather number and not give a shit about fashion rules. You go, Glenn Coco, you go!

    P.S. Love your picks. Probably should have started with that before going all “Mean Girls”:))

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