Wardrobes I want

Wardrobes I want

Moving house is expensive. But it’s also fun. This is the first time I actually get to shop for furniture as I’ve always lived in rented accommodation that has been furnished in the past.

As I’ve moved in with my boyfriend into his two bedroomed house, space is something we need to make the most of. I had a lot of clothes – in my old flat which has two wardrobes, both of them were full of my dresses. I got rid of those I don’t wear, but I still want to maximise space in the new house so I’ve become a bit obsessed with wardrobes that have drawers, shelves and other funky things.

Here are some that I’ve been eyeing up lately.

One thing I’ve found about wardrobe shopping is that it’s hard to do online. I do recommend going to a show room so you can see inside the wardrobes as many online stores don’t shop photos of the inside. Which made me sad as when we bought our bed from Bensons for Beds, they had a great range of Colourline wardrobes that had different sizes and insides so you could basically build your own – but the website just shows you a photo of them with the door shut.

Bad website management.

Anyway, here are some I’ve got my eye on!

Wardrobes I want Wardrobes I want Wardrobes I want Wardrobes I want

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