How to Make the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe

The idea behind the capsule wardrobe is to have a set of great, high-quality clothes that you wear throughout a season. You’ve heard about it,…


The idea behind the capsule wardrobe is to have a set of great, high-quality clothes that you wear throughout a season. You’ve heard about it, right? Several fashion and lifestyle bloggers have adopted the capsule wardrobes for themselves and absolutely love it. The genius behind the capsule wardrobe was Susie Faux, who believed that any successful, working woman did not need a closet bursting to the brim with clothes – she just needed 30 to 40 high quality and versatile pieces.

You build capsule wardrobes per season, which means that you don’t have to throw away any of your clothes at all – you just need to store some away until the next three months. Choose a safe and secure self-storage unit, which has both 24/7 access and great security measures like CCTV Monitoring and pin-code entry. Further, you can also insure your belongings once they are stored, meaning that once you start investing in higher-end, quality pieces for your wardrobe, you don’t have to worry about them when they aren’t in your closet.

The benefit of capsule wardrobes is infinite. For one, you end up dressing better. This is because, with so few items to choose from, you don’t have to sit and worry about what goes with what, and what you feel like wearing. You can see it all in one go, and as time goes on, you become a pro at mixing the pieces in your wardrobe together.

You will also find that capsule wardrobes are key to curating a “signature” look. The fewer items will also force you to be creative with your decisions, yes, but capsule wardrobes act as the backbone to your look that you can customize from there.

You don’t have to stop shopping when you start your capsule wardrobe, either. Instead, when you do shop (at the beginning of the new season) look for versatile, and, more importantly, quality clothes. Instead of thinking whether you want or like it, now you need to think about what it will replace. This added qualifier will mean that, down the road, you will only have the best clothes to choose from in terms of quality and style.

Capsule wardrobes are perfect for any fashionista; however, they also do wonders for your home. Storing away the clothes that you aren’t using means you will have a cleaner, neater home. This is particularly important if you live in a small space. Don’t clog up your room with clothes you might wear once a month – instead fill it with a few items you absolutely love to wear and learn how to wear them creatively.

Note: Capsule wardrobes don’t include necessities like undergarments, jewellery, or even workout clothes. They are every-day pieces that are suited for your life from Monday to Friday. Capsule wardrobes are your professional, everyday look. You can have more pieces outside of your capsule wardrobe for outside circumstances outside.

So, what are you waiting for? Capsule wardrobes are great for style, your wallet, and your apartment. Clean out your wardrobe now!


  1. I’m not sure if I can do a capsule wardrobe. Mind you, I don’t have a huge selection of clothes at the first place and these days I rather invest in something that I will get a lot of wear instead of following trends.

  2. I’ve been toying with the idea of a capsule wardrobe for a while now, I do know for sure I want to get rid of the majority of my clothes as I’ve out grown them in either height or style. It does seem like a fabulous idea as I never know what to wear then end up wearing the same 4/6 outfits haha.

  3. If we all think about our wardrobe we probably consistently wear the same ten pieces yet have loads more clothes. The capsule warbrode just stops us hoarding lucy x

  4. The whole concept of a capsule wardrobe really excites me. But, I have so many pieces that I love and don’t want to get rid of. So I’ve decided that I’m going to dip my toe into the capsule wardrobe with maternity wear (if and when my time comes). I don’t want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes that will only last me a few months, so this seems an ideal system for looking good without ending up with lots of new clothes and no money left. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

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