Creative Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Creative Ideas for Small Bathrooms

I’ve just moved into a house with a small bathroom, in fact I’ve always lived in houses with teeny-tiny bathrooms and have wondered what I could do to make them seem more spacious and inviting. You may even have a second or third bathroom in your home that is much smaller than average and don’t really use it, since you are not sure how to decorate it nice enough to be presentable. Well, don’t fear. Here we have four easy small bathroom ideas you can use to make yours appear larger and more stylish:

Creative Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Use Bold Colours and Patterns

Using bright hues and loud patterns draws awareness away from the actual size of your restroom, and brings attention to your unique design ideas. Using solid colours like basic beige or white can appear too sterile and cold, as well as drab and plain. Using shades that pop can keep you from getting bored with the lack of aesthetic. Just be sure not to over-accessorise because this can appear clunky and a bit tacky.

Install a Vessel Sink

Creative Ideas for Small BathroomsA vessel sink is a sink that appears as though it is lying on top of your bathroom vanity, rather than the traditionally-embedded look. These sinks are an interesting addition to a smaller bathroom because they are designed to free up extra counter space, making the counter appear larger than it truly is. And, for extra space, you can even add shelving under your bathroom counter to hold hair accessories and cosmetics when they are not in use. This is because most vessel sinks do not come attached to a cumbersome vanity unit with cupboards.

Consider a Cast Iron Bathtub

Creative Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Most cast iron bathtubs are of the old-fashioned type of silhouette that you have probably seen in countless period piece movies. They stand alone, not dependent on an adjoining wall, and rest on metallic legs, usually crafted from brass or nickel. These pieces are not only classy and elegant, but they are also a throwback to a long ago era. Having a vintage replica certainly brings style to any powder room, and they are also really popular right now.

Cast iron tubs are especially great for tiny bathrooms because they can be placed anywhere, freeing up floor space for units of storage, potted plants, or anything else that makes your bathroom feel cosier and less cramped.

So there you have it, a few minor changes can certainly make your restroom appear roomier and more stylish than before. To learn more about decorating small bathrooms, head on over to Maykke today. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help get you started on the path to a newer, yet affordable, bathroom right away.

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