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Corinstagram June 2017 // Summer Plans

Hello all. It’s July now. How excited. This means 3 things: It’s my birthday tomorrow. I have 10 days off work! I’m moving in with…


Corinstagram June 2017

Hello all.

It’s July now. How excited. This means 3 things:

  • It’s my birthday tomorrow.
  • I have 10 days off work!
  • I’m moving in with my boyfriend this month.

I have a busy few weeks coming up, so I’ve scheduled the hell out of my blog and I have a post scheduled each day up until the 8th August. That was hard work. I was making myself do 3 posts a day after work until I had completed it. This is so I can have a relaxing holiday and move house without worrying about blogging. Clever.

Today we’re going to my parents for the weekend and on Monday we’re going to my boyfriend’s parents for a few days. ROAD TRIP! I’ve amended the Spotify playlist already.

When we get back, it’ll be time to start moving. I’ve got rid of loads of things already. Binning things I don’t use or wear. It’s a bit scary but I already feel like encumbered in belongings, so that’s a win.

I apologise in advance if I’m a bit sloppy at replying to Tweets etc over the next few weeks. Life, innit. It’s happening.

I’ve only Instagrammed 9 times in June, as you can see. I’m a terrible Instagram it but that’s okay. I’m not interested in living life through a lens. I’m YOLOing it completely.

What are your July plans?

Corinstagram June 2017 Corinstagram June 2017 Corinstagram June 2017


  1. Happy birthday for tomorrow! Hope the move goes really well. Wow you’ve done amazing at scheduling your posts! Feel free to do some for me lol x


  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow! I hope you have a fab day!
    It sounds like you have a very exciting month planned! Enjoy!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    My July plans include a friend visiting for the weekend and going to see the Speedway in Cardiff later in the month 🙂

  4. Happy birthday and best of luck with the move. You’ve done well to schedule a break so enjoy it Lucy x

  5. Happy belated birthday! And good luck on the move. Lots of exciting things happening in July for you, by the sounds of it. Life is too short to live it through a lens 😉

  6. Happy birthday queeeeeen. I really hope it was wonderful and am happy that I am a part of your life during all of these exciting changes. xx

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