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My ultimate shopping guide

I’ve been invited to take part in #UltimateShoppingExperience, where I share with you my guide to a perfect and stress-free shopping trip. I’ll be honest…


My ultimate shopping guide

I’ve been invited to take part in #UltimateShoppingExperience, where I share with you my guide to a perfect and stress-free shopping trip.

I’ll be honest with you right here, shopping trips are not my favourite thing in the world. I prefer to shop online. But there is nothing quite like being able to try on a dress and see how it fits before committing to buy. I just get frustrated with people in my way, prams everywhere, how hot changing rooms get – it’s not a pleasant experience.

But there are some things I do to make it a little more bearable.

My ultimate shopping guide

Before leaving the house.

If you’re planning a trip to a different city, it’s always a good idea to check out what they have going on. For example, Liverpool ONE has a great guide of how to spend a day in the fantastic city of Liverpool.

Other cities great for shopping are Leeds, Manchester, York, Birmingham and of course – London.

Before setting off, I make sure I’m wearing comfortable clothing. This means FLAT SHOES, a dress that’s comfortable and long enough and tights that don’t fall down. Tights are my nemesis as no matter what size I get, they always shrink after a few washes and aren’t long enough.

I make sure I have clothes that are easy to take off – no dresses with ties or zips I struggle to do on my own. A simple cotton over the head dress makes sense for trying on clothes. Also, I avoid sleeves and take a cardigan that can be removed when I get too hot.

A bigger handbag is a must. I do not want to be holding keys, phone or other things because they won’t all fit. I also need to include a drink that should also fit in the bag. Hydration is important.

During the trip.

I prefer to get public transport into the centre because driving in a busy city can be a pain and the price of parking is a bit of a joke. So it’s the bus I get.

If I know what I want to buy, I’m very much the type of girl that will buy the first thing I love and then leave. But if I’m going for a general browse, I’ll visit my favourite shops:

  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Peacock’s
  • H+M
  • House of Fraser
  • Primark
  • Top Shop
  • New Look
  • Zara
  • Next
  • Oasis
  • River Island
  • Quiz

When I’m browsing, I have a rule for buying: I have to be in love with the item I am going to buy. I can’t buy it just because it’s cheap or in the sale. I must love it. So many times I’ve bought clothes for the sake of it and never worn them.

After shopping.

After my need for material possessions has been quenched, it’s time to eat. And have a cheeky glass of wine or two. This has to be done last as I am not to be trusted with shopping when I’ve had a drink.

It’s time to relax and chat to my friends. I also love going over what we’ve bought, swatching lipsticks and admiring new shoes.

A taxi home is a must because I can’t stand to be on the bus with lots of bags with me.

When I get home, I put away the items straight away, removing the tags and getting rid of coat hangers leaflets and shopping bags.

Then breathe!


What’s your favourite city and how do you ensure a stress-free shopping trip?


  1. Such good tips! I always wear easy to take off clothes during shopping! And I love to shop in Amsterdam, such an huge amount of different shops!

  2. I’m not a big fan of shopping either but Glasgow is great for shops… I think it’s third top in the UK for shopping or something like that!

  3. These are super tips! The taxi home is a really good idea. I get so cross with bags though I do live too far for it to be cheap!
    AHRGH,I HATE Prams, they are such a nightmare and the people who push them are Slooooooooow!
    By the way, you must totally go to the Dr Who exhibition before it closes in July or whenever it is!
    I think you’ll like my current post featuring a much beloved Clara dress!!!!! 🙂

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