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Why Subscription Boxes Make Great Gifts

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t noticed the big trend in online retail for subscription boxes. They’re all over blogs and…


Why Subscription Boxes Make Great Gifts

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t noticed the big trend in online retail for subscription boxes. They’re all over blogs and have been for years! If you are not familiar with the idea, these are services where you subscribe and receive a box every month that contains a selection of interesting products for you to enjoy. You can get subscription boxes for all kinds of brands and interests, from a monthly selection of teas, cheeses, sausages or other food goodies, to things like the Loot Crate, which is a monthly surprise box of geeky stuff like movie and game merchandise. Some brands like Auster, who make electronic cigarette related products like fancy flavored e-liquids, send subscription boxes that can let you try more of their full range, whereas with others it can be a complete surprise what kind of products you get!

Subscription boxes can be fun to buy for yourself, giving you a surprise every month, but where they really shine is as gifts. Here are some of the reasons why.

Why Subscription Boxes Make Great Gifts

1. A Gift That Keeps on Giving!

One of the best things about subscription boxes as gifts is that they are not just a one off thing, and so the recipient will get a reminder of the fact that you care every single month (or two months, or whatever the regularity of your chosen box is). This can be a lovely way to make the fun of getting a present last for the whole year, and definitely squeezes the most amount of joy possible from one gift idea!

2. There Will Definitely Be Something They’ll Love

If you are buying for someone who you know has a certain thing they love, be it a food, or collectible items, then it can be hard to buy a single gift related to their passion because you don’t necessarily know their exact preferences or what they already have. Buying them a subscription box definitely solves this problem, because with different products every single month and selections designed to let people sample the most stuff possible, there will always be some things that they really love in what they receive.

3. Spread the Cost If You Want to

Some subscription boxes allow you to pay for a whole year at once, so if you want to simply buy the gift and forget about it for a whole year you can. However, there is also the option often to pay by subscription too. Paying monthly means you can spread the cost of a really good gift that you otherwise might not have been able to afford to give a loved one, and this is definitely a plus when it comes to things like Christmas where you have to buy lots of presents all at once.

There are lots of great reasons to consider looking at subscription boxes next time you need to buy a special gift. You may also be surprised at the huge range of things you can now buy subscription boxes for – so whatever your loved one is into, you may well be able to find a box to suit!


  1. I couldn’t agree more! Subscription boxes are amazing gifts especially now I have a couple of friends who are beauty addicts like me.

  2. I’ve tried out a handful of subscription boxes in past, but haven’t tried any in a while.

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