Home Redecoration Hacks

Sometimes, the smallest of tweaks can make the biggest difference within your home. When you have a home, you have a need for organisation and…


Home Redecoration Hacks

Sometimes, the smallest of tweaks can make the biggest difference within your home. When you have a home, you have a need for organisation and the fact-of-the-matter is, we all have ‘stuff’. And it is this ‘stuff’ that can end up becoming clutter, slowing us down and making a mess.

Redecorating and reorganising can do more than just make your home look nice. It can place order and organisation into your whole life. So, if your home is missing that spéciale touche here are some decorating tricks and stylish shortcuts that will make your house a home.

Home Redecoration Hacks

Layer Accents

You will get far more for your money if you splurge out on accessories rather than on big furniture staples like sofas and beds. You can create a budget-friendly style that looks and feels stylish and expensive. Use pillows, blankets, rugs, ornaments and pictures to combine colours and textures.

This will make you space look as though it was professionally designed and decorated. Use contrasting colours and bold patterns to really make a statement and create a home that looks like one out of a magazine.

Organise your closet

Storing your clothes in an easily accessible and visible manner will help to keep your room feeling organised and encourage you to keep it tidy. Get creative with making your clutter look beautiful, you can colour coordinate your clothes to make them look more organised and use cute wicker crates for storing socks, bras, tights etc.

Instead of stuffing coats and jackets into a draw or taking up space elsewhere in the house, purchase some rolling racks to hand up all of your coats, jackets and bulky jumpers. This frees up space in your wardrobe for other clothes but also allows them to be set out, organised and hung up neatly.

Spruce up the garden

The garden space is the perfect area to sit in the evening and enjoy the sunset, feast on a BBQ or just sit with a cup of coffee for some peace. Spruce it up with some new flowers or plants and decorate with pretty solar lights and hanging baskets. Invest in a good table and chairs and it is a great dining area.

Green grass makes all the difference in a garden and that crisp and fresh looking lawn can really spruce up an outside area. Artificial grass is the perfect answer to all-year-round green looking grass. It requires no maintenance and looks and feels just like the real stuff, visit this website to find out more.

Replace curtains

Many people overlook the curtains when thinking of ways to improve their home. However, choosing luxury floor to ceiling curtains can create an illusion of high ceilings and big windows. If you hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible and ensure they reach the floor, it will make the whole room feel bigger.

Placing bold and bright patterns on neutral coloured walls is the perfect contrast and luxurious fabrics are great for keeping out the light, heat and cold. Add a little finishing touch with elegant curtain poles that frame your windows beautifully.

Use metallic and luxury material

You can create an expensive looking style with materials that look expensive to the eye and touch. Faux fur and velvets in your furniture and design accessories are a great way to add elegance. Metallic also adds luxury to your home. Gold, silver or bronze will all add that sparkle and shine for an extravagant look.

For a fun DIY project, use gold metallic spray paint to turn boring items into luxury looking centrepieces. Gold always gives off a professional and polished look; you can even consider painting your kitchen or bathroom hardware gold.

Do you have any home hacks?


  1. Loved this post! Especially sprucing up the garden, it’s the best place to be in the summer so why not make it look brilliant with artificial grass!

  2. I love the idea of having very neutral, but long lasting furniture and every now and then change it all up with accessories and accents, it will be a quick, easy and cheap way to feel like you’ve redecorated an entire room! I’m all for switching up cushion covers, simple things like that can make a room feel totally different!

    Sarah 🙂

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