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It’s been over a year since I got my glasses. I was very excited at first, but after a while, the novelty wore off and…


It’s been over a year since I got my glasses. I was very excited at first, but after a while, the novelty wore off and I started to hate them.

I always thought my eyes were my best feature and now I’m just hiding them behind glasses. Not good. Also, they’re annoying sometimes. After a while, they hurt the back of my ears where they rest and if I’m watching TV laying down, it can be uncomfortable.

getting contact lenses

In my early 20’s I wore coloured contacts a few times but always struggled to put them in. So I thought wearing contacts wouldn’t’ be a good idea for me but I wanted to try it anyway because I was getting a bit fed up. So I looked online and saw that you needed a recent eye test before getting a contact lens consultation, so I booked myself in.

I went for my eye test and it turns out my eye test was valid until February 2018, so I didn’t need another one and they changed me over to a contact consultation.

I was called into the room and asked some questions about my overall health/medication. I then had a quick eye test to see if my prescription was still okay. She looked into my eyes a lot and then put some dye in and looked again. It was a bit uncomfortable as I was having to look into a light.

Next thing I know, she’s putting contacts in. It wasn’t half bad but then she gives me some bad news.

I have to learn how to use them myself.

how to start using contact lenses

This is the tricky part. I went back into the waiting room and then called to a different lady who sat me down at a table and said she has to watch me take them put and put them in twice. She showed me the best techniques to do this.

Taking them out was hard. I nipped my eye once, so that was fun. My eyes were streaming. I did it in an awkward fashion. They came out eventually but I basically blinked them out. Putting them in was much easier. I had to take them out, again and again, it was a bit doom. No matter how much willpower I had, I could not stop my eye from closing when I was poking my finger in it. Not happening.

Anyway, I survived and she gave me freedom. Man, I was happy to be out of that place of doom. The only problem is I knew I would have to go through the trauma of taking them out again in a few hours.

I got the right one out and it wasn’t too bad. I then went for the left. I decided not to do it in front of a mirror because at the options, she told me to focus on a point above me which I was doing, but when I slid the contact down I kept looking in the mirror to grab it, then the contact when back over my eye. So to stop myself looking, I just didn’t use a mirror.

This was a bad idea because I got the contact bunched up and couldn’t see it to grab it so it went behind my eye. A bit came out. Just a bit. It had torn. At first, I couldn’t tell if it had fallen out or was still in my eye but I could feel something irritating. Another bit came out. After 15 minutes of faffing with my eyes, I blinked loads and could feel it, my eyes were watering and the rest of it came out.

So that was horrific.

I guess I just need more practice. I’m on a 7-day trail so have to go back to see how I get on and order more.

I am fine putting them in, but it’s still a struggle to take them out, so any tips would be appreciated.

how to get contact lenses

I currently have dailies which I think I’ll stick with. At least until I know I’m not going to lose one behind my eye and have it tear up. The optician said they’re thinner so easier to start with an also more hygienic, as you’re not wearing them for a month. You have to clean monthly ones, too. Aint nobody got time for that.

I had no idea I would be walking out with them that day. So woo for that as I would have been nervous about it if I had known I was going to have to distress my poor eyes that much. If you’re in the market for some contact lenses, Pure Optical are a trusted and reliable seller.

That’s the hard part over, I guess.

Send me good thoughts. My eyes are sore.


  1. It’s hard to give concrete tips for something I just do (now anyway) but… It gets a lot easier. Also make sure your nails are short, your eye ball is moist (lol) and your finger is dry!

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

  2. Haha imagine having to wear glasses for over 20 years! I tried contacts and didn’t hate them, but then life happened and I couldn’t afford them. I need to make an appointment with my eye doctor and get some now because glasses suck, especially in the summer!

  3. It took me months to get used to contacts when I first started using them, but I do have very dry eyes which can make them uncomfortable. My tip for getting them out is to put my ring finger (don’t know why that one, has always worked best!) onto the lens just to the outside of my pupil on the lower half of the lens and then leave it there for a second so you can feel it, then gently ease it outwards until it folds and you can pinch it out. Some people find it easier to put in drops to help move the lens out but I prefer not to so I can actually feel it. I use dailies too. Good luck with them!

  4. It’s so weird trying to explain! I basically pinch the contact lens – probably not what I’m supposed to do! But it’s the way I got taught at specsavers

    So basically thumb on the outer corner and pointy finger on the inside then push them together and hopefully the lens should come with it in the middle!

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