Garden Wishlist of Woo

Garden Wishlist of Woo

HELLO SUMMER. The last week or so has been pretty wank, but it’s getting warmer at least and we’ve had a few days of beauty that have left me dreaming of a decent garden.

So, my current garden is a bit of a dump. My landlord uses it as a place to store random things, there’s a caravan, loads of bricks and even a broken toilet in my garden. Stay classy, Leeds.

We all have that idea of our perfect house and garden and there are a few things I’d love to have in my ideal garden, especially during the summer months.

Garden Wishlist

Let’s start with a cute bird bath. Ideally, I’d love a fountain but I think that’s a little out of my league. A water feature like this is much cheaper and easier to maintain than a running water feature. A Premier Polytunnel┬áto start growing some of my own fruit and veg – which I’m pretty confident I would fail it but it looks fun anyway.

I’ve always loved the sound of wind chimes and I am sure my neighbours will too lololololol. A chair swing has been something that I’ve been dying to own since I was little and would see them on the porches in American movies. Come to me.

An inflatable hot tub is about as chavy as the broken toilet and caravan in the toilet, but I still kind of want one.

I don’t even think I need to explain the chiminea!

Garden Wishlist

That’s my summer evenings sorted. Let’s hope for less rain!

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