Childhood collectable toys

Childhood collectable toys

Seeing this whole new trend about fidget spinners has got my brain thinking back to those things I was obsessed with when I was in school.

Now, I see all these collectables all the time. Legos, pawpaw thingy-majigs and loads more. Fiddly things in packets that kids seem to love. There seems to be loads now, but none of them are as good as the things we had back in the 90s!

Childhood collectable toys


Marbles were the first thing I remember collecting. I once went on holiday and bought 3 of the big steel ones and I couldn’t wait to get back to school to show off my new addition. We had names for all the different types. Cats eyes, spotted dicks, spaghetti junctions, steelies. Playing your favourite marble and losing it was the worst thing ever.


What a weird game, to hit a big plastic pog (anyone know what they’re called? Slammers?) on a bunch of card ones and win the ones that flip over. What a wonderfully pointless game to come between friends.

Even better – remember Tazo’s? The plastic ones you would get in crisps?

Polly Pockets.

Polly Pockets had to be the most annoying toys out there. I loved the idea of them – a compact playhouse ready to fold up and take with you. But boy, the little fiddly bits were annoying as hell!

Beanie Babies.

I loved Beanie Babies from the moment I first got one. They are just so heavy on the inside and feel nice to hold. I got a lizard on holiday in Majorca and it was the best thing ever. The second best thing ever was when McDonald’s had them in happy meals!

Troll Dolls.

My favourite troll was this one that had rainbow hair. It’s bit weird really because looking back, I don’t understand why I liked them so much. Just weird looking things with bright hair? They were the first to rock the unicorn hair look. Original bloggers.

What toys do you remember?

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