5 ways to get more traffic

Getting traffic to our blog is something most of us desire. I mean, we don’t put our words and thoughts out on the world wide…


Getting traffic to our blog is something most of us desire. I mean, we don’t put our words and thoughts out on the world wide web without hoping people will find it and love it.

Getting people to view your posts can be hard in the mass sea of bloggers and websites. It can feel pretty hopeless when you’re pouring your heart and soul into something that isn’t getting any love or attention.

All hope is not lost, though. Here are 5 simple things you can do to get more traffic.

Frequency of posts:

You can’t disappear for months and end and then come out and bust blog posts out left right and centre expecting your audience to still be there. Your readers need and like regular content. Find a blog schedule that works for you – once a week is better than nothing for 3 weeks then 3 posts in the same week.

It’s also good for building your DA/page rank as regular updates will build trust with Google.


Many agencies and brands are already fighting for keywords and with an already large following and paid advertising, they’ll probably win. Long-tail keywords are the best bet for bloggers like you and me.

Long-tail keywords are phrases longer than 3 keywords. This means because they’re more focus, there is less competition for them.

For example:

Cheap make-up: Budget make-up under £10

Weightloss: 6-week weightloss plan for women.

Play a game of tag.

Mention and tag brands in blog posts on Twitter/Instagram. This gives them the chance to report your post across their social media.


There are two ways to promote your blog, either organically or pay. If you want to pay for promotion, that’s up to you but I personally think it’s a waste of time/money for small/medium bloggers.

The most popular way of promoting organically is via social media.

Promote, promote, promote! Schedule tweets to blog posts throughout the day, post links to your blog posts to your Facebook and Google+. Remind followers on Instagram to check out your blog. Increasing your presence and following on these platforms will grow your audience.

Get involved

Most of being in the blogger community is getting yourself on Twitter and talking to other bloggers. Don’t worry about sticking to your own niche, but make conversation with other bloggers. I’m really good friends with bloggers from almost every niche. Sticking to just beauty or video game bloggers might isolate yourself a bit.

Get out there, join Twitter chats, follow bloggers and make friends. You’ll start to see more traffic from Twitter, more comments, more Retweets and followers.

What methods do you swear by for getting traffic?


  1. All good points. I have a schedule that works for me: every other day. But I will have a couple of days between posts or daily posts from time to time. I know I should be more involved in twitter. I will make it a priority next month to see if it works.

  2. Great tips 🙂 I find that when I post regularly and consistently, my page views increase so much. Twitter has also been great for getting me new followers and readers x


  3. I definitely need to work on my schedule! I used to blog every day then I took a break and I just can’t get into a rhythm again

  4. I definitely get better traffic when I post more frequently. I need to figure our how to start scheduling one more post per week.

  5. I swear brands must get so fed up with me tagging them all the time, but I do the same too! I love twitter for promotion!

  6. Hello Corinne, it is true the consistency in writing is very important and I am about to rewrite a daily entry, additionally I participate in facebook groups where I share the content of my blog, that also helps me, the keywords also very important don.

  7. Self-promotion is vital to getting traffic on your blog, I’m a firm believer in promoting on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest etc. Such a helpful post – I didn’t know about keywords, so that’s really helpful!

  8. I’m guilty of not having a schedule, and deleting and starting over again. But I guess now I’m not so bothered about people reading as it’s more a personal blog now. I guess of course I’d like readers, but I can’t keep up with chats as time difference, and crazy working schedule. But I’m considering doing YouTube… please tell me I’m not going crazy?

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