Iron Maiden Live at Leeds

Iron Maiden Live at Leeds

I had no idea who Iron Maiden were until about 8 months ago. Well, that’s a lie. I knew their name from Teenage Dirtbag and I’ve heard people mention their names, so I knew they were a band but I couldn’t tell you on of their songs.

I’m not a heavy metal fan, not at all. But my boyfriend is. One day back in January he told me he had bought us tickets to go and see them. I’ve spent the last few months listening to them on Spotify because gigs are always so much better when you know the songs.

If actually grown quite fond of them, so when last Thursday came around, I was very excited. We went into Leeds early and had some drinks, then headed to the venue.

It was my first time going to Leeds First Direct arena and wow, that place is massive. It packs 13500. I could not believe how many people were walking towards one building!

The show itself was awesome, Iron Maiden are so energetic on the stage and we even got a visit from Eddie!

Iron Maiden Live at Leeds

Iron Maiden Setlist:

  1. Doctor Doctor
  2. If Eternity Should Fail
  3. Speed of Light
  4. Wrathchild
  5. Children of the Damned
  6. Death or Glory
  7. The Red and the Black
  8. The Trooper
  9. Powerslave
  10. The Great Unknown
  11. The Book of Souls
  12. Fear of the Dark
  13. Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden Live at LeedsIron Maiden Live at LeedsIron Maiden Live at Leeds

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  • Rebeca

    Hello Corinne! I am also going to concerts, although Iron Maiden is not among my favorites but if my husband, he went to see Metallica when they came to Peru, for me to go to a musical concert is a pleasant experience I had the opportunity to see bands Like Guns n Roses, Erasure and The Cure, I hope to attend the concerts of Depeche Mode, U2 and Pet Shop Boys that already announced tours.

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