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How to declutter your home

Hello, it’s me again. Guess what guess what. I’m moving again. Yes, AGAIN. I’m moving out of my two bedroomed flat where I live alone…


Hello, it’s me again.

Guess what guess what. I’m moving again. Yes, AGAIN. I’m moving out of my two bedroomed flat where I live alone into a house with my boyfriend.

Over the next couple of months, I’m going to be decluttering my flat to get rid of everything I don’t need. I have things that I’ve had for years but never use – clothes, DVDs, books, STUFF. It’s got to go.

I really struggle to get rid of things and form irrational attachments to things, especially if I feel I’ve not got my money worth out of it. So here are a few things I’ll be doing to declutter:

how to declutter

Get over the cost.

It’s hard to put things in the bin that you’ve bought and never used. I have loads of dresses that I’ve never worn because they’re too short or too small. I tell myself one day I’ll wear them. But after years and years of telling myself that, the only time I’ve touched them is to move them from house to house.

It might be hard to get rid of things that have value, but they don’t have any value to you in the future if they’re going to be nothing but take up space.

Think of the last time I used something.

If I’ve not used something in 6 months, I need to consider getting rid of it. If I’ve not used something in 12 months, then I need to get rid for sure!

If I forgot about it, dump it.

When going through things, there are so many times I see something and be like ‘Ohh, I forgot I had this’. Well, if I forgot I had it, I clearly didn’t miss it.

Bin it.

Clear flat surfaces.

My flat always looks cluttered and I hate it. I have a habit of putting things on flat surfaces, then I add more and more things until it just looks cluttered.

Something I want to do is get into the habit of keeping my surfaces clear. Give it a home, or bin it!

Start at the bottom and work up.

When cleaning out my wardrobes, I’m always tempted to go through the clothes hung up first. The best thing to do is tackled the things in the bottom of the wardrobe – shoes, bags, clothes that you can’t be arsed to hang up – clear that out first.

Get rid of clothes and shoes.

You wear 20% of your clothes and shoes 80% of the time – the trick is to get rid of the 80% of the things you don’t use. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does it fit?
  2. Is it damaged? (stained, torn, faded)
  3. Has it been worn in the past year?

If the answer is no to these, toss it.

Do you have any tips for having a clear out?



  1. I did a clear out last week and I went with a huge bag at the charity shop. I had samples from goodie bags, books that I will not read again, some clothes. I will keep things I didn’t wear in the last year if it fits and I can wear it at a special event, like an evening dress that is too much for a regular night out. x

  2. I wish I’d had this post when I was moving out of my student flat because moving out caused so much unnecessary stress! I’m in a new home now and need to choose things to get rid of before I go travelling so I’ll definitely use some of these tips. I especially liked the clearing out the bottom of the wardrobe first because I especially guilty of clearing the hanged clothes first! Also the flat surfaces is 100% me as well. Congrats on the new flat!

  3. I’ve been having a gradual clear out of my home for about a year, each time I fill a bag for the charity shop it gets easier and I love having tidier spaces and less junk!

  4. I love a good clear out, I’m not one for forming attachments to things. I’m quite brutal really! Haha. But my other half is more like you – he holds onto things for so long I just end up chucking them when he’s not looking! 😉

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