Films I’ve watched recently

I’ve been watching a few movies lately. It’s fun. But I’m very picky. I only really like scary/sci-fi type movies. Fantasy is good, too. I’ve never been much of a Rom-Com fan, so that’s out.

Anyway, here are a few movies I’ve been watching lately and what I think of them.


This film is about 5 teenagers who get their computer hacked after a girl in their school kills herself after an embarrassing video of her gets posted online. I think she’s drunk and shits herself?

The hacker wants to make them pay for what they’ve done and takes control of their computers. After watching Cyberbully a few years ago, a similar British Movie with Maisie Williams, I thought it would be interesting.

Well, I was wrong. I turned the film off half way through after the hacker was making them play I have never and they were all just yelling at each other.

I don’t know how it ends, but I don’t care.

Batman: The Dark Night Rises.

I started watching the Batman Trilogy with my boyfriend a few months ago. We watched the first two movies pretty close together but only just got around to watching the last one.

I always think I’m going to like superhero movies more than I do. The thing is, with the Batman movies, they are very long and it’s hard for me to keep my attention for that long so I got a bit bored. The film was almost 3 hours!

Although this movie has an amazing ending and there’s not many films you can say that about. I even did a cry. I really hope they continue the story as it ended in a way that it could be extended.

But just not over 3 hours, please.

Dark Skies. 

ALIENS. This film is about aliens. Wonderful. I love stuff like this.

It follows the story of a family whose house gets marked by aliens – each night something odd happens and they are forced to find help.

I really liked this movie and would recommend a watch.


I’ve never watched this as a child, but as people seem to rave about it a lot, so when I was looking for a film and saw it on Netflix I was like OH OKAY GREAT.

Sadly, I didn’t find it wonderful. I might have found good as a child, but the main character was just a bratty teenager and that got in the way of my enjoyment of the film.


I only watched this because of Maisie Williams. It’s about a boy who gets shot and parts of his phone go into his brain. The doctors don’t remove it as it’s very risky to take them out so tell him to let them know if anything weird happens.

What happens is his brain turns into some computer/phone type thing that hack phones and he uses his powers to try and stop the drug dealers in his estate, as well as find the people that attacked his friend and shot him.

It’s very far fetched – it’s a bit weird in that that’s the only thing that is far fetched so it doesn’t seem to fit right. It’s okay enough, though.

Paranormal Activity 3. 

I’ve had this on DVD for years but I’ve been to afraid to watch it on my own. I asked me boyfriend to watch it with me and he said yes!

If you’ve watched the first two, you’ll be familiar with Katie and Kristi, who were in the first two movies. The first movies to mention that they were haunted by some sort of demon when they were kids.

This film goes back to where they are children and what happens. It’s filmed by their mothers boyfriend and is the same self-documentary style as the first two.

It terrified me and I loved it.

What have you been watching lately?

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