de bruyere eyeshadow pencil


Can you tell I don’t really buy makeup much? Another review of things that have arrived in my Glossybox!

I need to have a clear out, you see. This means I’ve stopped getting Glossybox and I’ve been going through my stash to see what products I want to use up next. I need fewer things, and I’ve a terrible habit of having stuff hidden away and buying new products when I have ones sat in boxes that I could use!

The De Bruyere eyeshadow pencil is one of those things. It’s been hidden away since November of last year. When I got it out, I had no idea why it was hidden away as it’s very similar to my favourite shade in the Naked 2 palette – pistol.

Everyday glamorous shimmering and luminous color. Easy to apply. long lasting and creamy formula. Jumbo eye pencil, khaki-grey glamorous and shimmering shade, highly pigmented which, thanks to its generous size , can be used either as liner or eye shadow.

I’m so glad Glossybox introduced me to this brand, the shadow is such a creamy formula and is a dream to blend.

The only sad thing is that I can’t seem to find it in any other colours than this Bubble 07 – I’d love a golden or lighter shade of this!

de bruyere eyeshadow pencil

de bruyere eyeshadow pencil

de bruyere eyeshadow pencil

de bruyere eyeshadow pencil

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