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7 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your First Bikini Wax

AD| Preparing for your first bikini wax can be a bit daunting. I’ve always been a razor girl. I’ve often dreamt of being brave enough…


AD| Preparing for your first bikini wax can be a bit daunting. I’ve always been a razor girl. I’ve often dreamt of being brave enough to get a wax and bask in all that time without needing to worry about hair, but I’ve always been a bit scared!

Although getting a bikini wax is usually much more painful than shaving, it is a popular alternative amongst women who’re tired of having to go through the hair removal process every few days. As opposed to shaving which simply cuts the hair off at the skin line, waxing removes the hair completely by the root, meaning that going through the temporary pain is often considered worth it by women who want smooth, hair-free skin for weeks on end.

If you are sick of shaving and are considering going for your first bikini wax, there are several need-to-know factors to be aware of before you make the booking. Read on for our top tips on preparing yourself for your first bikini wax.

things to do before your first bikini wax

How to prepare for your first bikini wax

Tip #1. Check Out the Salon First

If you’re planning to visit a salon for your waxing treatment, then it’s important to visit and check them out first before booking an appointment. Before you book anything, you should double-check that the technician is licensed and get a feel for the general hygiene levels in the salon; if it feels grubby, then it probably isn’t the best place to go. You should make sure that the salon’s standard practice is to use a fresh, unused wax strip and stick each time – double-dipping the same stick into the pot of wax can quickly spread bacteria from client to client, leaving you at a higher risk of infections.

Tip #2. Consider DIY

Waxing yourself in your private areas can be difficult, so be sure to read the instructions carefully beforehand. If you like, you may want to get a friend or relative to help. Using an at-home body waxing kit can be a much cheaper alternative to visiting a salon, and it gives you more control over the cleanliness of the environment and tools that you use. Before you begin, always ensure that your hands are thoroughly washed or wear protective gloves if necessary. It’s a good idea to sanitize any tools that you are going to use with alcohol beforehand. If using disposable tools, never re-use them.

Tip #3. Grow Your Hair Out

Growing out your body hair might not seem like the most attractive of ideas, but it’s certainly worth it if you’re planning on getting a bikini wax. Although some good waxing kits will be able to remove short hairs, it’s less likely that they will be fully pulled out from the roots, meaning that you’ll end up having to do it all over again much sooner to maintain your smooth and silky skin.

Ideally, you should let your hair grow to around one-eighth to a quarter of an inch before getting a bikini wax; this will enable the wax to get a better grip on the hair and remove it completely. As a result, the hair will take longer to grow back.

Tip #4. Prepare Your Skin

Preparing your skin for waxing will help ensure that you avoid problems such as infections, swelling, irritation, redness or ingrowing hairs. A few days before you plan to go to the salon or use an at-home waxing kit, you should exfoliate the area to get rid of any dead skin cells. Ideally, you should use a gentle exfoliating product, since a harsh one can leave your skin more sensitive than usual. On the day that you are getting the wax, you should avoid using any products such as lotions or moisturizers on the area, since they can prevent the wax from properly adhering to the hair and tighten your pores, resulting in a more painful experience.

Tip #5. Prepare for the Pain

There’s no denying that waxing hurts, especially on a sensitive area such as the bikini line. However, being prepared can help you avoid as much pain and discomfort as possible. If you think it will be necessary, you can take some over-the-counter pain relief medication, such as ibuprofen, beforehand – this will help to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Some women drink alcohol beforehand believing that it will be an effective pain relief, however, this will tighten your pores and is more likely to have the opposite effect. If you’re going for your first ever bikini wax, then you’ll probably find that it hurts less after the first time; regular waxes will cause the hair to grow back finer and therefore be less painful to remove.

Tip #6. Check Your Skin

If you suffer from skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, an STI that causes skin sores or even if you are sunburned, it’s not a good idea to get a bikini wax. A wax can only be performed on healthy skin, so if you have got any issues going on ‘down there’, be sure to have them checked out and treated by your doctor before you book yourself in at your salon. If your salon is willing to perform a wax on you whilst you are suffering from any sort of skin condition, you might want to think about going somewhere else.

Tip #7. Understand Good Aftercare

No matter how careful and hygienic your technician is, or how clean you make sure that your environment and hands are before doing an at-home waxing treatment, poor aftercare can lead to irritation, infections, and more. Immediately after the wax, you are likely to feel a little sore and irritated; you can use a soothing gel, cream or serum such as aloe vera gel to help lessen this. Applying ice to the area afterwards can also help to reduce any burning sensations.

However, don’t apply ice beforehand, since this will tighten your pores and make it much harder and more painful to remove the hairs. You should also avoid working out or wearing tight clothing for at least 24 hours after waxing; sweating will increase your risk of getting an infection by spreading bacteria to your newly waxed skin.

A bikini wax is the perfect alternative to shaving if you’re hoping to go a little longer in between hair removal treatments. However, it’s important to be fully prepared to get the best results. After reading this, do you feel prepared for your first bikini wax now?

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  1. I would love to go for a bikini wax for the ease and long-term benefits but I am far too much of a coward! I got as far as booking an appointment once but ended up cancelling as I couldn’t face it!

  2. I love a bikini wax but I only seem to ever get them before a holiday! I don’t find they hurt all that much and as long as you keep your skin well moisturised, irritation is kept to a minimum! I totally agree with finding a good salon though, I’ve had a couple of bad waxes due to inexperienced technicians that left us both a little red in the face (And other areas :/)

    Sarah 🙂
    <a href=" in Wonderland

  3. I’ve been thinking of going for my first bikini wax before my wedding in September. So this was definitely worth reading – thanks for the helpful tips!

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