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30 things I’ve learnt at 30

FUCK BEING 30. This is what I would have said this time last year when I was 29 with two months left in my precious…


FUCK BEING 30. This is what I would have said this time last year when I was 29 with two months left in my precious 20’s.

Those of you that read my blog back then will remember how I had a major freakout about not being ready. About feeling my life is going too fast. About not being anywhere I had planned to be at 30. I imagined myself with a husband and kids and career. But I was single, living in a grotty shared house working at a supermarket. LOLOLOL.

Anyway, I’m two months away from being 31 and being 30 has been pretty amazing.

I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learnt in my 30 years of life.

  1. Turning 30 doesn’t hurt. It was actually a smooth transition.
  2. Life goes fast and it’s important to stop being so desperate to get to tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. It’s nice to have things to look forward to, but also enjoy the present.
  3. It’s pointless doing things to spite others because they probably don’t even know. Or care.
  4. Having a difficult conversation with someone isn’t as scary as you think. People always act better than expected.
  5. Do the tasks you dread first, so you can get on with your day not dreading them.
  6. You always feel better after a workout.
  7. And after tidying your house.
  8. De-clutter on a regular basis.
  9. If you’re lucky enough to have an NHS dentist – keep up with your appointments.
  10. If you don’t have one, sign up ASAP.
  11. Don’t be afraid to call the Dr if you are ill.
  12. Shopping in the reduction section of the supermarket usually means you’ll buy stuff you won’t eat.
  13. Shopping in the sale in a shop usually means you’ll buy clothes you won’t wear.
  14. Only buy clothing that you are in love with.
  15. Wash the dishes before you go to bed.
  16. You don’t need to exercise only if you want to lose weight – it will make you feel better and it’s great for your overall health.
  17. Enter a run – whether it’s 5k, 10k, half-marathon or more. You’ll surprise yourself. YOU CAN RUN.
  18. If you’re reading a book you hate, just stop reading. There is no point forcing yourself to finish it. Find a book you love and enjoy reading.
  19. Stopping smoking is possible. Even after 10 years of smoking.
  20. If you’ve ever wanted to be vegetarian or vegan, try it for a week.
  21. Never avoid doing something just because it’s hard. Those things usually give us the most satisfaction.
  22. Start saving money as soon as you can.
  23. Be careful who you trust. People are more fickle than you think.
  24. Say nice things about people. To them and to others.
  25. When it’s sunny, spend time outside. Even if you have no one to spend the time with – go for a walk, sit on a bench in the park, enjoy the world.
  26. Buy clothes you don’t need to iron.
  27. Stand by your opinions and morals. and be confident in them.
  28. Be kind to yourself as you are the most important person in your life.
  29. Learn to say no.
  30. Happiness is your choice. Stop relying on others to make you happy.

What have you learnt?


  1. I never dreaded turning 30 really. I’ll be 37 this year and that doesn’t bother me either. I’ve learned to not care about what others think and just do my own thing more. More confident. I also like getting mistaken for being in my 20’s, that makes me laugh. But, I feel like I’ve finally started living my life rather than just trying to keep up with what society or people expect my life to be! x

  2. Yes! I’m turning 36 this year and I think we all gradually learn the same things. It was only in recent years I allowed myself to stop reading books that I didn’t enjoy – there’s always that worry that it’s about to get good.. Also learning to say no, well I’m still working on that one. Great write up 🙂

    Honestly Aine

  3. I’m a bit behind you (turning 29 in a few weeks) and I don’t really dread the 30 turn. In general, I’ve liked my life more as I’ve gotten older- so bring it! x

  4. No. 27 is spot on. For me, this is one of the perks of being in my 30s, I know what my convictions are and, while I would listen to others, I don’t have to say something else to please them. Also, buying clothes that don’t need ironing it’s a must. :)) x

  5. Loved it! I’ve got 3 years until I turn 30, think I’ll be panicking a bit at the time but generally I’ve been feeling more and more myself as I get older, so I’m very on board with a lot of these. However, I don’t seem to have mastered number 26 yet and I really need to because I just cant spend anymore time ironing…
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

  6. So many good pieces of advice here it’s hard for me to pick a favourite one! 🙂

    It’s great that turning 30 wasn’t as scary as you thought in the end 🙂 I think you get a lot more confident as you get older and more able to stand up for and prioritise your own needs, and that’s a great thing.

  7. loved reading these, 30 doesn’t seem all so bad 😉 number 5 is definitely something i need to stick to daily, putting things off is a speciality x

  8. I’ve always believed that age is just a number so turning 30 wasn’t all that scary for me. I do feel like with age comes a certain amount of wisdom and these things you’ve learned are definitely good to know 🙂

  9. I hated the idea of turning 30 but seriously 30s is the best time of my life! I am 38 this year and just a mere 2 years shy of turning 40 and I think it just gets better from here on.

  10. I love all of these things! I feel like 30 is running at me, and it terrified me! I thought I would be a very different person at 30, but I find I’m the total opposite. This isn’t a bad thing, I love my life, things are going in the right direction, and they’ll happen when they’re suppose to happen – that’s one BIG thing I have learnt.

    Sarah 🙂
    <a href=" in Wonderland

  11. Buy clothes you don’t need to iron….hell yes! Cannot be arsed standing around ironing for hours on my days off. Fuck that. Haha. Fab list – glad you’re feeling happy in your 30’s 🙂

  12. Awesome tips, so candid. Thanks for sharing!

    City Style and Living The Editors Notebook | Instagram

  13. I completely agree – especially with being present and being kind to yourself! I feared 30 as if, when the clock struck midnight on my birthday, life as I knew it would be over. I worried about not being “young” anymore and, as you mentioned, not being where I wanted to be in life. I’ll be 32 on July 10th (yay for July birthdays!!) and I couldn’t care less about not being in my 20s any longer. More than anything, I think not wasting precious and limited time on earth has been my greatest lesson. Thanks for sharing this one and here’s to all the amazingness our 30s have in store for us!

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