14 blog posts to schedule while you’re on holiday

To relax properly on holiday, I need to know that my blog is taken care of. For me, this means a post scheduled each day…


To relax properly on holiday, I need to know that my blog is taken care of. For me, this means a post scheduled each day so I don’t have to worry about having Internet or time to knock up a blog post.

It can be hard to get everything sorted before, but here are some ideas for 14 posts you can quickly write and schedule before setting off in the sun. I always keep posts while I’m away pretty light hearted and general (or evergreen), this is so if I do get chance to blog while away, I can still use the post at a late date. It always works in my favour as it usually means I have a few posts scheduled when I come back so I don’t have to worry about blogging on top of unpacking and washing everything!

  1. Where I want to go on holiday.
  2. My perfect summer day.
  3. 10 things about me.
  4. My 10 favourite songs.
  5. My 5 favourite movies.
  6. Childhood memories.
  7. 4 things that make me happy.
  8. Dream outfit.
  9. Beauty product wish list.
  10. Favourite games growing up.
  11. What I wanted to be when I was a child.
  12. Life lessons I’ve learnt the hard way.
  13. What I loved/hated about school.
  14. Clothing wish list.

Do you schedule blog posts while you’re away?


  1. I used to schdule before going away but I’ve actually enjoyed just letting things go quite whilst I’m away, holidays have fast become mini-detoxes for me and I find I’m in a much better frame of mind for taking a complete break from everything internet and blogging related whilst I’m soaking up the sun!

    Sarah 🙂

  2. I’m going away next month so this post couldn’t come at a better time for me – I want to get everything scheduled in advance so I can chill on holiday and also so I’m not in a rush to get posts up when I’m back either!
    Amy xx

  3. Very much need this! I’m going on holiday 2 weeks tomorrow for 12 days and haven’t scheduled anything before so it’s definitely something I need to do, I don’t want to be having to worry about it while I’m away! So impressive that you post everyday even when on holiday!
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

  4. I tend to write my posts at least a week or two ahead of time, so when I go on vacation, I can’t slip up! This list gave me a bit of inspiration. Especially since I’m going on vacation in a few weeks! Thanks love xx


  5. I really like these ideas! I think I’m going to do the whole 10 favorite songs thanks for this post!

    Nikki O.

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