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5 ways to switch off from blogging.

I’m on a train to London as I write this. I could be playing on my phone, watching Netflix on my laptop, reading a book,…


I’m on a train to London as I write this.

I could be playing on my phone, watching Netflix on my laptop, reading a book, gazing out of the window. But this is how NOT GREAT I am at switching off from blogging.

I’m obsessed with not wasting time. I give myself a strict schedule and I must stick to it. A two and a half hour train journey to London – this means I have to write four blog posts AT LEAST!

Anyway – enough about that.

When you’re unable to switch off from something, it can start to have negative effects on you. Stress, being unable to sleep, being unable to focus, being unable to enjoy other things without being distracted.

Believe me, there are many times that I’ve not been able to fully enjoy a social event because all I’ve wanted to do is get back home and blog. Or run home for a Twitter chat. It’s pretty ridiculous.

So let’s learn how to switch off.

Stop trying to turn everything into a blog post.

Not everything you do needs to be a blog post. When was the last time you went out for a meal and didn’t photograph it for Instagram? I used to be terrible with this. Any meal I went to, I had an urge to take photos of it and either blog about it or stick it on Instagram.

Now I can’t remember the last time I blogged about a meal out if I hadn’t been invited to review it!

Doing something and enjoying the moment makes it a lot more fun when you’re not looking at everything through a camera lens. So go out and enjoy it.

Disconnect daily. 

Try to take 30 minutes a day where you’re disconnected from your phone and the internet. Sit in a comfy chair and read a book, or sit outside. Just do something that allows you to take a step back and clear your day.

Turn off push notifications.

I have all notifications switched off my on my phone. This means my phone never lights up when I get Tweets, Instagram followers or e-mails. Not only is this distracting and a productivity killer, but gives you that urge to pick up your phone and check it.

And I bet once you check Twitter, you’ll find yourself checking Instagram and other social media apps, too!

No computer before bed.

We all get told not to use the computer before bed time. It’s for a good reason, too. Not only will stepping away from the screen help you to switch off, it’ll also help you to relax and have a better nights sleep.

Automate when you can.

If you’re going away for a few days, or even if you just want an evening off – automate what you can so you can switch off knowing your blog and social media is ticking along without you.

Schedule Tweets, schedule your blog posts. Put your phone in your bag, or even leave it at home and start learning to enjoy your life again without being tethered to the internet.



  1. I turned off push notifications a month ago and OMG it has been a game changer! I find my time on my phone is so much more productive now, instead of it lighting up for every retweet or mention, so much happier without them!

  2. Haaa! I switch off on most days now, seriously it’s so refreshing. Yes, my stats suffered as fuck but hey, I feel good about it.

  3. Good tips! I am trying to unplug more and it works…I feel better and have more focus on things (without my phone :)) I can highly recommend it!

  4. I rarely take pics of my food for my blog unless I’m doing it as part of a series/paid for review! I’ve taken one picture of my food in the past 4 months, so that’s something! 🙂 Tania Michele xx

  5. I could definitely use these tips! I am guilty of being way too switched on with blogging. Just the thought of turning off notifications on my phone, though, makes me break out in a cold sweat! I’m just not sure I could do it!

  6. Switching off is the key to keeping sane when blogging I think! I’ve got all notifications off too, and I try to limit when and how long I browse certain apps for. Getting things done ahead of time and scheduling posts and tweets helps too. Going out for meals and not taking pictures of my food is something I’m still struggling to stop doing! But I’m working on it!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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