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The woes of being a blogger

Blogging is fantastic 99% of the time. I could sit here and say I love every part of it, I’m so thankful and grateful, I…


blogging frustrations

Blogging is fantastic 99% of the time. I could sit here and say I love every part of it, I’m so thankful and grateful, I love the community, etc etc, but that would be a lie.

I mean, I do think those things. Just not all the time. If blogging was easy, everyone would be doing it.

So let’s look at some of the not so nice parts of blogging.

blogging frustrations

Embarrassing typos.

If you’re lucky, you’ve caught your typo while reading your blog post yourself. You are quickly able to edit it on the sly. If you’re even luckier, you’ve caught all typos and spelling mistake before proof-reading.

Before some sassy idiot on Twitter has the cheek to point out you’ve used the wrong version of you’re.

Can we just reiterate that pointing out typos on social media makes you a cunt?

There. I said it. I’m not even sorry.

The best typo I ever did was write ‘nipples’ instead of ‘nibbles’. 😀

The case of CBA.


This is how I’m feeling right now. I am cba, tbh.

I’ve been on a 5-mile run this morning, my feet have blisters and I have about 5 blog posts to write. All I want to do is play Tomb Raider on the Xbox.

Writers blog is real. The trick is to start typing and hope for the best.

The case of the numb left foot.

Every time. I DO IT EVERY TIME. I’m doing it right now, even.

I sit with my legs cross and my feet go numb.

Then I can’t walk and I promise myself I’ll stop sitting at the computer with my legs crossed because it’s very uncomfortable. Also awkward if someone knocks at the door and I can’t get there.

The great op that never gets back to you.

When you get offered something amazing, send off your name and address to never hear back from the PR again.

The red slip of doom.

There’s nothing worse than missing a package. The pain is worsened by the fact that you work during collection times so have to wait ages to be able to pick your package up.

Hey Royal Mail how about NOT only being open during working hours?

In the brown bin.

In only thing worse than getting a red slip, is when you get a slip stating your parcel is in a safe place. Yes. In the brown bin with all the garden waste, muck and snails. Vomit.

My Parcel Delivery lets you use couriers like Parcel Force who offer the option to leave deliveries at your local post office. NOT IN THE BIN.

What are your blogging frustrations?


  1. I can understand these!! I wish I had more time to set blog posts. I need the weather to cheer the heck up so I can get out and take outfit pictures. Though, sometimes the idea of getting dressed doesn’t appeal to me, so I need motivation as well. But, more than that I could do with a long sleep, ha. Also, I need a new battery plug for my computer, it’s not working right, so my computer shuts off at random times when it appears to be charged, but is not, ha. x

  2. Luckily I never had that issue with the parcels left in the bin, as the bins are on the side of the house, after the gate. But I went through everything else you mentioned in the post (including the amazing opportunity thing). x

  3. Aha! I found myself nodding along to these!
    I hate missing parcels especially from Royal Mail. Our sorting office is about 3 miles away with no bus stop nearby. If I do the walk you can guarantee it will be a heavy, awkward parcel to carry home. lol

  4. I’m lucky to work from home so the parcel things isn’t usually an issue. I’d be pretty mad if someone left a parcel in a bin though!

  5. I hate feeling like I CBA, but sometimes I prefer to stop and take a break, usually when I come back to a post or taking photos, I feel a lot more refreshed.
    My biggest almost blogging error was taking pics topless and not realising I’d got my boob in the mirror of an eyeshadow palette until I went to edit it!!! (Not quite on topic, but it went with the typo section!!) x

  6. Oh yes to the amazing PR opportunities, details all sent and poof! nothing, nada ever again. Oh well, till the next one comes along. Luckily Canada Post is pretty good with mail delivery, mind you they are far from perfect but by the sounds of it, they are way better and more efficient than Royal Mail. LOL!

  7. my biggest annoyance at the moment is simply not having enough time for it all, I have enough time to write the posts, but its keeping up with everything on commenting on other blogs, twitter, IG, snapchat, its all just TOO MUCH. I feel like a crap person 90% of the time because my interaction is so shit at the moment 🙁

  8. I constantly struggle with CBA and it’s something I need to work at…
    I make typos all the time (though a lot less nowadays) but the red slip of doom is a dread of every blog collab! Love this list!! 🙂

  9. there’s definitely not-so-nice aspects of blogging. i’m currently living the numb foot life, as well, haha. xx

  10. I get every single one of these! Those red slips drive me INSANE! Especially when you know you were in! The downside of living in an apartment is that I can’t exactly see them coming up the front path – but I have a BUZZER so hey Mr Postman, why not give that a go before you slip that slip and vanish with my goods?!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  11. The red delivery slip is the worst. 🙁 Luckily my local delivery office has AMAZING opening hours . . . unlike the one near my previous flat which only opened until 12 every day and wasn’t open on a Sunday…

  12. Yep, can definitely relate to all of these. Typos are so frustrating! I usually manage to miss one or two. I never point out typos to others – it happens, c’est la vie!

  13. Writers block is terrible. I’m finding myself stuck in a rut of not knowing what to post. And typos drive me insane, but I’ll never point it out because I feel like a jerk lol

  14. Embarrassing typos reminds me of when I was in high school and I had to read a passage of a book out loud… I said “breasts” instead of “beasts” in a class of 12 year olds… Yeah, definitely embarrassing! 😀

  15. More hours in the day would be welcome, the person who picks out a typo I am with you. Blogging frustrations when those that don’t blog think it is easy. If it was everyone would do it! Lucy x

  16. Haha oh my god, CBA is such a thing! I usually have to just walk away and come back to it with a re-energised outlook, otherwise everything I type will be dull and uninspired and sent to the chopping block anyways.
    Rosalie //

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