My memories of car journeys as a child

As mothers day is coming up, The Car People asked me to write about my most memorable car journey with my Mum.

I struggle to remember which holiday these memories are from in particular because we used to go to Devon and Cornwall every year. My memories of the holidays all blur into one!

My memories of car journeys as a child

As we lived in South Yorkshire, it was quite the journey to get to the bottom of the country. It used to take what seemed like days. We would set off in the early hours of the morning so we could get there by dinner time. I’d be clutching my pillow and barbie as Dad put me into the car. I would try to sleep, but never could.

One of the memories I remember the most is needing the toilet. I must have been the most annoying child because I needed a wee all the time. My Dad would finally give in to my moaning and pull in at a service station. Mum would take me to the toilet and I would do what I did every time.

‘I can’t do it’.

My memories of car journeys as a child

Looking back, I think I had a lot of anxiety around not being at home as I could never wee anywhere but home or eat anywhere but home. I’d need to wee, but couldn’t do it. I’d be hungry, but my throat would close up so I couldn’t physically swallow.

Mum was always patient with my, but Dad would get mad. Then I would get in the car again and 5 minutes later.. ‘I need a wee‘.

My memories of car journeys as a child

This would not only happen on car journeys, but shopping trips, days out, anywhere.

So Mum, thanks for being patient with me when I was the most annoying child. Happy Mother’s day!

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