Freedom Pro Conceal & Correct

Freedom Pro Conceal & Correct

I can’t actually remember where I got this from. I think someone gave me it. I don’t know. But I’ve had it ages and I’ve finally started to use it when my old concealer got too shabby to use.

I have the Freedom Pro Conceal & Correct in Light – you can get darker shades too. It’s handy as there are 6 different shades, so if like me, your skin colour varies slightly, it’s always a pro to have more than one shade. As I’m running a lot of outdoor running, my face does tend to get a bit of a tan, too, so this makes it simple for me as I don’t have to worry about buying a new concealer later down the line.

The best thing about this concealer is how it tackles my dark circles. I’ve yet to find one that I can apply to my under eye bags without looking chalky, but this one nails it. While it works well on concealing spots, I’d say it’s on par with other high street brands. It’s the under eye coverage where this sets it apart from the rest! It’s only a fiver – so a great price for what you are getting.

I love this little palette and thank you to whoever gave me it. 😀

Freedom Pro Conceal & Correct Freedom Pro Conceal & Correct Freedom Pro Conceal & Correct Freedom Pro Conceal & Correct

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