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What to expect from an MRI scan.

In December, I had a really bad case of vertigo. Or something. My GP diagnosed me with vertigo but the specialist said it wasn’t. Anyway,…


What to expect from an MRI scan.

In December, I had a really bad case of vertigo. Or something. My GP diagnosed me with vertigo but the specialist said it wasn’t.

Anyway, there was something wrong with me that was making me so dizzy I couldn’t stand up. I was only able to potter around my flat. It was awful. I felt trapped and useless.

I went to see an ears, nose and throat specialist who said I needed to have an MRI scan.


To say I was afraid is an understatement. I’ve watched House. Every time Dr House sends someone for an MRI, they end up having a fit in the machine or something.

I spoke to a few people and they all recalled having one. Telling me how loud it is. How long it takes. How confined you feel.

The thing I was most worried about was the metal. My boyfriend told me that if I had metal shards in my eyes, they would rip out.


My mind wandered. What if I had metal in me but didn’t know? What if I swallowed some by accident? What if I had a metal rod in me when I was little but my parents never mentioned it?

I was a bit nervous about wearing one of those gown things that show your bum, too.

So it was the day of my appointment I was really nervous. It was after work, so I had to wait all day for it. I had a mobile MRI scanner which was parked outside the hospital. It was kind of like a truck. I read the letter again the day before and it said there were limited changing facilities so to wear comfortable clothing with no metal, so I took a cotton dress to change into at work before I left.

In the waiting room, I had to fill out a health and safety questionnaire. Just asking if I had METAL SHARDS IN MY EYES and stuff like that.

When it was time to go in, the radiologist went through it and asked me all the questions again. Then explained what would happen.

I went into the room with the MRI scanner and they told me to lay on the bed. They gave me some ear plugs and some headphones with the radio on, then put a plastic cage over my head. It had a mirror on it at an angle so I could see the doorway where the radiologists were while I was having my scan.  They also gave me a buzzer to press if I felt uncomfortable.

I have to say the worst thing about the whole thing was them talking to me and giving me instructions while I had ear plugs and headphones in. I had no idea what they wanted me to do.

They left me in the room and started the machine.

I laid nervously waiting for the metal in me to cause me sudden death. But that didn’t happen. Because there was no metal in me. After it had started I felt fine.

You can hear the machine banging, but it’s not unbearable. I think I could have done it with no headphones or ear plugs.

After what seemed like 5 minutes, they came on through the headphones to say this was the last scan. Then it was done.

It felt about 10 minutes. It wasn’t scary. It wasn’t loud. I didn’t have to get my bum out.

I just wanted to share my experience as a lot of people made out having an MRI is awful. When it’s not.

You basically just lay there and listen to music.

Have you ever had an MRI scan?


  1. It sounds ok, not that bad. Maybe people are scared about the result so this is why they think it’s worse than it actually is. x

  2. I’ve had a few MRI scans for my back and I hate them! I can’t take some of my ear piercings out and I was terrified the machine would rip them out for me (but it didn’t, I live to tell the tale!)

  3. Aww! Bless you! I think when it comes to things like this the preparing and waiting for it is actually worse then the actual event….I have never had one but I think if I ever did I will have to remember this blog post. I hope the results were OK 😀 x

  4. I cringe at the prospect of anything clinical, and just the prospect of having an MRI scan will probably be enough to freak me out! Can’t imagine how scary it must have been. I hope the results of your MRI scan turned out normal. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    – Gretch of G G Memochou

  5. An MRI scan does sound scary, but it’s good you weren’t bothered by it in the end. I hope you got some answers from it 🙂 I had to have an MRI scan a while back after a bad fall. It was awkward as I had to sit in a particular position that wasn’t the most comfortable, but it was otherwise painless and over quickly 🙂

  6. Hospital visits always seem scarier than they are. I used to avidly watch House too and God, the stuff on it made me so anxious! 😀 x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  7. i’ve had one (but only half my body) and i never even considered it being scary before having it. or after. for me the worst thing was just staying still for the 15ish minutes, haha! then again i wasn’t asked too many questions before or anything! also, i love house. and hope you got some answers regarding your health from the scan! xx

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