How to Create a Killer Blog about Your University Experience

When I was at university, I had a photo diary blog. It was a lot of fun, I would photograph my day and then post…


How to Create a Killer Blog about Your University Experience

When I was at university, I had a photo diary blog. It was a lot of fun, I would photograph my day and then post it in a photo diary style.

This was back in 2007 when blogging wasn’t what it is now. Although I had a lot of fun, I had no idea what I was doing.

It only lasted a few months. Now when I think back to university, I wish I had kept it up throughout my whole university education – although most of the blog photos covered the, um, more social, boozy side to being a student!

You can blog about anything, but blogging about your university experience is gaining more popularity. I know a few bloggers who started their blog because of their studies – mostly those studying media, journalism or the arts. Not only can blogging about university be interesting to other students in the same field of study, but it can help to build your credibility and status in the field when done correctly.

Here are some simple and easy tips you can follow that will help you create a killer blog about your university experience.

Is Your Area of Study Worthy of a Blog?

One of the first questions that students ask themselves is whether their area of study is worthy of a blog. Without even knowing which field it may be, the answer is yes. Any area of study is worthy of a blog; it’s a matter of going about it in the right way.

Let’s say you are currently enrolled in an online masters in nursing at Norwich University. The medical field is vast. It’s more than just your local or state community. In fact, the content can be of interest to those in an online nursing degree all around the world. With that said, it helps to think of your blog in terms of a broad audience to make it appeal to the masses.

Set a Clear Goal for your Blog

Before you start blogging it’s important to give thought to the goal of your blog. What do you hope to achieve with it? What is the purpose of your blog? Your answers will help to shape the content that you post. Moving forward you can also use your goal as a measurement tool. When you are brainstorming ideas and topics, ask yourself how well it drives your goal forward.

What Does Your Audience Want?

It’s also important to think about your audience, your readers. What will appeal to them? What will help them? How can you provide them with a takeaway, a lesson, or some sort of insight? Of course knowing what your audience wants also involves identifying who your audience is. A good tip is to share your own lessons with your audience. These are things you’ve learned, whether through school, work experience, or your own personal growth.

Include Visuals and Audio

Video clips, podcasts, audio, and images are a fabulous addition to any blog. They need to be relevant and on-topic, and still add to the overall goal of your blog. It should go without saying that any visuals, audio, and video you add needs to load smoothly and quickly or else your readers will quickly lose interest.

Invite a Guest Blogger Now and Then

To keep things interesting and valuable, why not pepper your blog with guest posts here and there. They can be from industry reps, a teacher, fellow students, experts, etc. As a side note, this is also an excellent way for you to network in your field.

Follow the Steps to Success

Blogging about your university experience can be rewarding in so many different ways, and by following these steps you’ll be well on your way to a killer blog.


  1. don’t think my comment posted? basically; these are great tips, and i kind of wish i’d done this and been a history blogger while doing my ba! xx

  2. I think it would’ve been cool to have a blog while I was in university since I was studying journalism and photography at the time. Maybe it could’ve worked into a thesis project.

  3. I started two blogs whilst at Uni and bloody hell do I wish I actually kept up with them, I could have been Zoella haha! One was more geared towards my course, it was all about writing and creative prompts. The other was pretty much what my blog is now, only I didn’t realise it at the time! Really do wish I had had the commitment and enthusiasm I do now, imagine the DA those things could have being that old! Haha

    Sarah 🙂

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