Beauty Trend Predictions For 2017 set me a challenge to predict beauty trends for the next year. I’ve not been a fan of the 2016 trends. I know I’m a…


Beauty Trend Predictions For 2017 set me a challenge to predict beauty trends for the next year.

I’ve not been a fan of the 2016 trends. I know I’m a bit of a minority when I say I just don’t get why some people want to double the size of their eyebrows, put colours in their hair and highlight so bright that you can barely look at them.

I’ve always been a play it safe type of person when it comes to fashion and makeup. I always go for a soft, natural look over something bright and colourful.

I’m hoping 2017 will bring a trend I can on with! Here are my predictions:

Personalised Moisturiser.

Lancome Cosmetics has launched it’s custom foundation to get the perfect colour and formula for you. I predict 2017 will see other skincare follow suit. A moisturiser that suits your skin and needs perfectly.

More Cruelty-Free Products.

More people are becoming aware of the cruelty animals face to get our beauty products on our, well, face. I regularly see people asking if certain brands are cruelty-free on Twitter and it’s becoming something people are more and more vocal about, with many of my friends only buying and using cruelty-free products.

I also think brands will start making it more clear that they are cruelty-free through marketing, packaging and making it clearer on their websites rather than hidden away in the FAQ section.

Superfood Ingredients In Products.

It starts in the food, then moves over to beauty products. What superfoods are we going to be seeing in 2017? Cricket concealer? Chia Seed cream? Avocado aftersun? Kale baths?

Superfoods that are dense in vitamins and minerals are very popular. I’m still not eating crickets, though.

Goodbye Matte Lipstick.

Liquid mattes seemed to dominated Instagram in 2017, I predict in 2017 we’ll go from bright purple mattes, to more sophisticated reds and dark pinks with a glossy finish.

Gender Neutral Packaging and Marketing.

With the rise of male make-up gurus and beauty bloggers, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see packaging and advertising that’s less suggestive it’s aimed at women. One day, brands such as L’oreal might even use a man to advertise their latest eyeliner. Because they’re worth it.

It’s a great time with live in for stuff like this. A lot of people just don’t care if a man wears makeup. Do what you want.


Unicorns. 2016 and bloody unicorns. Unpopular opinion here (again) but I hated that trend. Or thing. Whatever it was. Unicorn makeup and hair and phone cases and everything else. I’m hoping this year it will stop.

I predict the new trend will be Mermaids. Who doesn’t love mermaids?

What are your beauty trends for 2017?


  1. I hope neutral packaging and more cruelty-free product will be trendy this year and for the following years too. I hope more veg*n options will be mentioned. At the moment I have to read the labels (and search on google) to see if it’s suitable for me or not. I really don’t want bugs in my lipstick (cochineal).

  2. Oh yes, unicorns gah!! I like the idea of advertising make-up with men, I bet the idea’s been pitched somewhere and one day soon it will be accepted. Though it has been done before . . ‘Itchiban, lipstick for men’!

  3. I really hope more brands will go cruelty-free. I don’t see the appeal in massive eyebrows either! They can look so weird x


  4. I really hope we see a rise in cruelty-free products! And if we get more men into makeup, maybe the prices will go down lol

  5. i’m fully on board with more cruelty-free make-up and mermaids! although, i’m definiely a fan of big eyebrows, lots of higlighter and matte lips, haha! xx

  6. I really hope your cruelty-free beauty prediction is going to come true! Still loving the eyebrow and matte lip trends but a bit of gloss sometimes doesn’t go amiss either 😉

  7. I’m pretty safe when it comes to makeup. I’m all for more cruelty free products so I hope that prediction comes true – I’ve only just started looking into it and I was so naive thinking that most brands were!
    Amy xx

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